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BC Racers :: Review
Front Street
24 Megabit
1995 (USA)
3rd Person
Arcade / Racing
vs. / cooperative
6 Button
     > Core was a big supporter of the Sega CD right off the bat with titles like Chuck Rock, Heimdall, and Wonder Dog.  About a year after the Sega CD debut of BC Racers in the U.S. and Europe, Core brought the game to the limited 32X and 3DO audience.  The 32X version was released exclusively in North America, and published by U.S. Gold's short-lived publishing label, Front Street Publishing. 

     > BC Racers not only stars Chuck Rock (also on Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear), but also takes place within his crazy prehistoric world.  This game sort of combines the cartoonish look of  Mario Kart with the on-bike fighting in Road Rash.  Throw in smooth scaling and interesting locales to complete the package.

     > The story is simple: Millionaire playboy caveman Millstone Rockafella arranges a wild and crazy pre-historic bike race.  The winner is to receive the coveted ULTIMATE BOULDERDASH BIKE.  Cliff Ace and his cave-babe, Roxy, aim to acquire this bike of dreams!  It's your job to pick a bike team and win it all.

     > To this day, the only 16-bit racing/driving game which can touch BC Racers (even this 32-bit version) in pure technical sprite scaling is Sega's own Batman Returns CD.  Everything in BC Racers animates ultra smoothly while even more (than the Sega CD version) background objects constantly scale in and out of view.  The various characters are drawn in cartoon cell format, which is cool.  Thanks to the power of 32X, Core used 256 colors on screen for this version, which is instantly discernible. My only complaint in this department is the size of the screen, which is not full.
     > Still superb (just a tad more drift than the Sega CD version).  The controls are left/right attack, accel, view in/out, and nitro (limited to one every lap).  You can fight and race alone, or team up with a friend, who controls the attacks.  You have to be careful not to take too much damage, either by hitting objects and/or being attacked, because it's game over when your buggy breaks!  That is why it's important to pick up the food near the starting line, which fixes your damage.  Throw in sharp corners, drifting, jumps, rivers, swamps, dark of night, and an occasional dinosaur crossing and you have one heck of a race to run!
     > Perfect for this game.  Core has included an assortment of wacky jungle beats (different from the Sega CD version) that Chuck would be proud to hear.  It's not soundtrack material, but it's worthy of its purpose.  Meanwhile, the sound effects are simply great.  Everything from the engine noise to the collisions is right on.  Nice work.
     > It may be hard to believe, but the two player cooperative mode is a blast.  One person drives and the other fights.  Each of the six duos you can choose is rated in various categories like speed and acceleration.  Race through 32 heats in 8 locales in order to win that Ultimate Boulderdash Bike.  It's a blast if I've ever had one...
Bottom Line
     > The 32X version is a little smoother and more detailed, but Sega CD version has CD music, so pick your poison.  Any way you look at it, BC Racers is a game which showcases the power of 32X and the prowess of Core.  Now, how about an uber-version!!
Overall: 9.2 | Graphics: 9.5 | Control: 9.3 | Sound: 8.5 | Fun: 9.5
~ Shinobi ~

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