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Web Links
Sega of America The official Sega site for the North American audience.
Xbox The official Microsoft Xbox site for everyone.

Sega Related
DreamStation A Sega Dreamcast fan site, as well as a host of other consoles.
Panzer Dragoon Legacy Everything you ever wanted to know about Sega's elite series of Panzer Dragoon games.
Phantasy Star Cave Coverage of most Phantasy Star games.
Phantasy Star Pages The Ultimate resource for Sega's classic RPG series.
. Comprehensive coverage of Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe. The foremost Phantasy Star Online resource.
Retro Sega Play retro Sega games online.
RPGFan Extensive coverage of import and domestic RPGs for all platforms. A UK website for Sega Master System fans.
Sega-16 Your source for Genesis Reviews and features.
SegaFans Home to the Encyclopedia Segagaga and a warehouse of Sega fandom.
Sega Nerds Blog away at this relatively new site.
Sega Network A German webring covering all Sega systems from the Master System through Dreamcast. 
Sega Retro Everything Sega retro; information, pictures and more.
. A German site with lots of info and wallpaper for your favorite 32-bit console.
Shining Force Central Everything you want to know about the Shining series.
SMS Power!  Sega 8-bit preservation and fanaticism.
System 16 A wonderful Sega related arcade museum.
The Sega 16-bit Webpage A Sega Genesis fan page.  Game reviews, screenshots, articles, Sega blog, and more.

[ NEW ]
Infinity Retro
Specializing in retro-reviews for multiple systems, including various Sega consoles.
Video Game Critic Reviews for multiple systems, including various Sega consoles.

Game Over? Gameshop in Amsterdam. Buy and sell used games, consoles, and handhelds. (in en verkoop van 2e hands games, consoles, handhelds)
Genki Video Games Import and domestic games, plus lots of Sega console support.
NCS A great source for Domestic and Japanese imports for all consoles.
Play-Asia A great source for Japanese Import games and related merchandise.


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