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TMVEL RCA/S-Video to HDMI Converter
HDMI Adapter
     The TMVEL RCA/S-Video to HDMI Converter takes input from non-HD sources (like a Sega Saturn or Dreamcast) and upscales the video to either 720p or 1080p HDMI output. This is perfect for attaching your older consoles to the latest HD LED TV's. This device sells for $54.99 at Amazon (they picture an alternate device, but ship the one I've pictured below).

     So far I've connected a Sega Saturn, Sega Dreacast and Nintendo GameCube through this device to my 46" LED TV. The picture and sound as tested works perfectly. I recommend this adapter if you need or want an upscaled HD picture with your older consoles. It comes with the converter and power adapter. You'll need the proper console plugs and a HDMI cable. I think for $55, they should've included the HDMI cable though.


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