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Cleveland National Air Show
August 31 & September 1-2, 1996
F-4s installed for the Marjorie Rosenbaum Plaza (CNAS Memorial)
Blue Angels F-4 installed
F-4s installed
Thunderbirds F-4 installed
CNAS Souvenir Program
B-25J Mitchell "Guardian of Freedom"
1932 Gee Bee Replica
USMC F-7F Tigercat
USN F-14 Tomcat
F-7F & F-14
F-8F Bearcat
Continental Airlines DC-3
CF-18 Hornet
Blue Angels Fat Albert & #7
USAF C-5 Galaxy
USN F-14 Tomcat
USN Blue Angels [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
USN Blue Angels
F-14 & F-7F [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
F-16 Falcon [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
F-14 and F-7F
F-16 Falcon
1932 Gee Bee Replica [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
CF-18 Hornet [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
Gee Bee Replica
CF-18 Hornet
F-117 Nighthawk [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
KC-10 Extender [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
F-117 Nighthawk
Red Barons [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
Sean D. Tucker [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
Red Barons
Sean D. Tucker
USN F-14 Tomcat piloted by Capt. Dale Snodgrass [Recorded: 09.01.1996]
CF-18 Hornets and C-130 simulate mid air refueling [Recorded: 09.01.1996]

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