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Shin Force ~ The All Sega Site ~ Accept: Metal Blast from the Past (DVD/CD)
Breeze Music
1985, 1993, various
22 video
9 music
65:25 Osaka 1985
16:22 Sophia 1993
+ video clips
+ audio selections
Heavy Metal
Udo Dirkschneider
Wolf Hoffmann
Peter Baltes
(bass guitar)
Jorg Fischer
Stefan Kaufmann

     > Accept is one of the many heavy metal bands I've actually seen perform live, back in the early 80's no less.  Their "Restless & Wild" album is what got me hooked on Accept's unique flavor of German Metal.  I pretty much have all their albums on CD, so I was looking to acquire some video.  A few years ago I noticed that Accept: Metal Blast From The Past was available, but the price was too high and the web-sellers were too unfamiliar.  I've finally bought the DVD/CD combo and my thoughts are as follows.

     > Accept's performance from Osaka in 1985 is great to watch, albeit not that high quality video we've all come to expect from DVD's.  The same can be said for just about all the video on this disc.  On the other hand, the sound is mostly good, except for the Bulgarian TV performance (no surprise).  Any way you look at it, this treasure will provide a head-banging stroll down memory lane.  My favorite songs are "Metal Heart", "Up To The Limit", "Restless & Wild", and "Balls To The Wall".  Lastly, bonus features on the DVD include soundchecks, interviews, behind the scenes clips, photo gallery, discography, biography and weblinks.

     > Now for the bonus CD, which is side 2 of this DVD/CD combo.  I had a little trouble getting my computer to read the CD side, but my RW drive eventually worked.  The sound quality on this disc, especially the 8-track demos, is not that great.  It's a good thing the record company had Accept re-record their music in the studio for proper release.  Oh well, it's cool to have as a bonus for my collection.

Bottom Line:

     > Accept remains one of my favorite heavy metal bands.  The only reason I didn't give this DVD/CD combo a higher rating is that the video really hasn't been cleaned up at all.  It's probably not much beyond VHS quality.  Nevertheless, the sheer amount of excellent Accept performances on this offering warrant a must buy.


ACCEPT / Metal Blast from the Past | front cover scanACCEPT / Metal Blast from the Past | back cover scan
DVD | Staying A Life: Live in Osaka 1985
  1. Metal Heart
  2. Breaker
  3. Screaming For A Love Bite
  4. Up To The Limit
  5. Living For Tonight
  6. Princess Of The Dawn
  7. Restless And Wild
  8. Son Of A Bitch
  9. London Leatherboys
  10. Fast As A Shark
  11. Balss To The Wall
  12. Bound To Fail (ending)
DVD | Video Clips
  1. I'm A Rebel
  2. Balls To The Wall
  3. Midnight Mover
  4. Generation Clash
  5. Protectors Of Terror
  6. Slaves To Metal
  7. Death Row
DVD | Bulgarian TV: Live Sophia 1993
  1. Slaves to Metal
  2. Objection Overruled
  3. Bulletproof
CD | Previously Unreleased Tracks
  1. Rich And Famous (bonus track)
  2. Rocking For The Sun (unreleased)
  3. Morning Sun  (unreleased)
  4. Run If You Can (8-track demo ver.)
  5. Down And Out (8-track demo ver.)
  6. Can't Stand The Night (8-track demo ver.)
  7. Breaker (8-track demo ver.)
  8. Burning (8-track demo ver.)
  9. Writing On The Wall (acoustic ver.)

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