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Shin Force ~ The All Sega Site ~ Earthshaker: Passion
King Records
1 CD
Heavy Metal
  • Masafumi "Marcy" Nishida (vocal)
  • Shinichiro "Shara" Ishihara (guitar)
  • Takayuki Kai (bass)
  • Yoshihiro Kudo (drums)
  • Ryo Okumoto (synthesizer)
  • Kouichi Murakami (harmonica)
  • Review:

         > Wow!  Their fourth album, "Passion", is a new vector for Earthshaker, and I love it.  It's definitely some of the best mid 80's metal you can find.  Shara and the gang managed to go more mainstream, while retaining their unique flavor of Japanese guitar rock.

         > I've said it before, and I still maintain that Earthshaker is one of my favorite groups.  Passion only serves to further seal their standing.  Marcy continues to impress me with his ability to make Japanese lyrics enjoyable to my ears.  I'd say that Shara's technical mastery of guitar riffs has reached an impressive summit, which could only be matched by his 'Live in Budohkan' performance.  Takayuki's bass is technically perfect, albeit mainly background rhythm.  Of course, Yoshihiro rises to the task of maintaining the drum beat with excellent results.  After four albums, I know why they call themselves Earthshaker.

         > Ahh... Although Passion is readily enjoyed from start to finish, my favorite songs of this album are fairly easy to discern.  The best song on this album, and among the best metal songs ever, would be "The Night We Had".  Words can't sufficiently describe the spine chilling guitar riffs Shara perfectly executes in this recording.  Moving on, "Whiskey And Woman" is a very catchy tune indeed.  For the ballad fan in you, "Arigato Kimini" more than fills the need.  Lastly, "Nagareta Akaichiwa Naze!" is a hard rockin' jam you're sure to love.  Passion is the peak of Earthshaker's musical prowess, IMO.

    Bottom Line:

         > This is what I love about Earthshaker -- any one of their first four albums could easily be their best.  Passion provides you with one of the best metal songs I've ever heard, "The Night We Had".  If you like Earthshaker, or want to give them a try, Passion would be a great choice!

    RATING: 95%

    EARTHSHAKER / Passion | front scan
    EARTHSHAKER / Passion | back scan
    1. Come On
    2. The Night We Had
    3. Can't Stop Loving (Kimiga Yureru)
    4. Whiskey And Woman
    5. Hungry Doll
    6. Heavy Dance
    7. Nagareta Akaichiwa Naze!
    8. Sweet Hard On
    9. Arigato Kimini

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