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Shin Force ~ The All Sega Site ~ Thunder In The East [Remastered]
Atco (USA)
Columbia Music
Max Norman
1x CD
01.21.1985 JPN
11.09.1985 USA
10.27.2004 [Remastered]
12 [Remastered]
50:58 [Remastered]
Heavy Metal
  • Akira Takasaki (Guitar, Chorus)
  • Minoru Niihara (Vocal)
  • Masayoshi Yamashita (Bass, Chorus)
  • Munetaka Higuchi (Drums)
         > Not only does the 2004 Remastered edition of Thunder In The East sound excellent, it has two worthy bonus tracks: "Gotta Fight" and "Odin", both from the Odin EP originally released on June 21, 1985 in Japan.  To the best of my knowledge, the aforementioned EP is an original soundtrack to some movie in Japan.  "Gotta Fight" is a catchy tune with plenty of reminders that Akira is at the helm.  "Odin" is a somewhat ethnic ballad that may not capture you right away, but I have come to appreciate it greatly.

         > After the success (in Japan) of Disillusion, Loudness turned toward the West.  Thunder In The East was Loudness' first American release, as well as their first English (only) lyric album.  Unfortunately, it was only released here on vinyl in the USA, as far as I know.  The CD reviewed here is from Denon in Japan.  After becoming a fan of the group, the decision to buy this record was a given.  My purchase was wise.

         > LOUDNESS/Thunder In The East (TITE) is a joy to hear, from start to finish.  In 1984, it was right on target with all the trends, including heavy rhythm and emphasis on the chorus.  The US radio scene couldn't ignore the excellence of this album, as songs like "Crazy Nights" and "Heavy Chains" actually got airtime. Loudness came to Cleveland as an opening act for (I can't remember the headliner; Stryper?), and Akira Takasaki's guitar solo had the audience in a trance.  The headliner's solo was almost boo'ed, as it paled in comparison.  I loved it! (-_-

         > Although most of the album maintains a constant thread of heavy rock, the musicians' talent makes each song take on its own identity.  My favorite song has to be "We Could Be Together", which is one of two ballads.  Geez...  I listened to that song over and over...  From there, "Crazy Nights" (awesome in concert), "Run For Your Life" (simply amazing rhythm), and "Never Change Your Mind" (excellent ending ballad) are sure to make fans of any discerning listener.  I guess if you listen for it, Minoru's Japanese accent can be heard.  Even so, he can sing remarkably well in English.  Obviously, the (decent US) success of this album spurred continued releases...

         > If you want a taste of 80's metal from the East, then look no further.  TITE is Loudness' most popular American release (justifiably).  This is the album to get if you must have English lyrics.  It's every bit as good as Disillusion.  Although I've never seen an American release on CD, you can probably find the Japanese release on the internet. Get it.

    RATING: 100%

    LOUDNESS / Thunder In The East | front cover
    LOUDNESS / Thunder In The East | back cover
    LOUDNESS / Thunder In The East [Remastered] | front cover
    LOUDNESS / Thunder In The East [Remastered] | back cover
    1. Crazy Nights
    2. Like Hell
    3. Heavy Chains
    4. Get Away
    5. We Could Be Together
    6. Run For Your Life
    7. Clockwork Toy
    8. No Way Out
    9. The Lines Are Down
    10. Never Change Your Mind
    11. Gotta Fight [Remastered]
    12. Odin [Remastered]

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