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Team Ninja
Domestic / Import
Sep 28, 2000
Mar 15, 2000
Apr 28, 2000
Multi 3rd Person
vs. Fighting
Arcade Stick
Backup 7
     > Well, we've come full circle. Dead or Alive 2 was originally scheduled for March 18th; moved to February; moved to March 7th; moved to March 10th; and is now back to March 17~18th! The good news is that I have the demo and can confirm that DOA2 will be a bona fide masterpiece! I can honestly say that with its awesome graphics, tight control, great music, style and beautiful babes, that DOA2 is sure to be crowned my favorite fighter! It looks better than Soul Calibur and plays as good as Virtua Fighter 3tb. Trust me, the pictures do not show just how sweet this game is, both in art and motion. Also, the home version promises to eclipse the arcade one with Single, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, Tag Battle, Versus, and Sparring modes! Anyone left without this game in their library should call Clinton and ask for a new entitlement...  Enjoy the new pix!
     >  Some interesting tidbits courtesy of Tecmo. Dead or Alive 2 characters are able to fight it out in a number of graphically rich environments, including The City, Cathedral, Elevator, Opera House, Wind Towers, Arctic Plains, Japanese Garden, and Generator Room. Characters can fight on uneven surfaces, and can be pushed through windows and from ledges to carry on the battle in entirely new environments. For example, players can throw an opponent through an enormous stained glass cathedral window onto the concrete below, or off a cascading waterfall into a mist-filled river.

     > A cool addition is the special Cinema Mode between matches that plays out each character’s personal story in chapter format. There will be twelve characters plus hidden ones. Tecmo also included multiple 

     > Don't forget the danger zones. One of the more “sizzling” Danger Zones is located in the Bio Lab where a large electric generator sits in the middle of the ring. When thrown into the generator, opponents are zapped with a surge of electricity strong enough to light up a small town.

     > The latest news is good and bad. First, the game has been pushed to March 7th as Tecmo finishes the manual and distribution details. Next, the demo that was reported to arrive with the next Dreamcast Magazine will not happen, because Tecmo is busy finishing the game. Last, the game will include a four player mode for which specific details are not available.
     > The newest arcade version is subtitled Millennium (how original). According to GameFan, the Dreamcast version (which will reach America first) should have all the new Millennium additions in tact. Among the new features is tag team play and new costumes. Also, Team Ninja has scrapped the buoyant bounce of the original for a more realistic jiggle. The uber-fighter will be here soon so get those ASCII FTs ready...
     > According to GameFan, Tecmo has officially confirmed that this awesome game will be released for the Uberconsole. No American release has been confirmed, but it's a good bet. The top row of pictures is new for this update; notice the awesome detail. At least importing this game should be a snap (if Tecmo doesn't come through for us). With every update, Dead or Alive 2 just keeps looking sweeter and sweeter!
     > Surprisingly enough, Tecmo is responsible for making one of the best fighters for home (Saturn) and arcade (Model 2). The first Dead or Alive game on Saturn was a buoyant success, which left Sega Fans craving for more.  Enter the Naomi/Dreamcast...  Dead or Alive 2 (DOA2) will appear in arcades first, and will use one Naomi board.

     > According to Tecmo, he modeling of characters and the on-screen animation will be some of the best available. Team Ninja, also responsible for the first game, plan to utilize every bit of horsepower they can squeeze out of the Naomi. They are working on a real-time dynamics simulation engine for the utmost in realistic graphics for DOA2. Team Ninja will include some new characters to round out the original cast as well. Naturally, the beauties in this game will have convincing animations.

     > The cut-scenes will be gorgeous, thanks to Team Ninja's new real-time movie control driver. The Naomi/Dreamcast marks the first console powerful enough to handle this. Actually, Tecmo says everything in the game will be movie quality. 

     > DOA2 will include a Tag Team mode, which allows you to switch characters on the fly as in Capcom's versus series for Saturn. The 'Danger Zone" will also be included, which was one of the first game's coolest features. 

     > Look for the Naomi version first, followed by the Dreamcast one, even though a home version has not been officially announced yet. As you know, Naomi to Dreamcast conversions are a cinch. Since it's a fighter, I'm certain that importing will be a piece of cake... if necessary.

     > Tecmo did an excellent job on the Saturn game, and the same developer, Team Ninja, is working on the Uberconsole's sequel. Strap yourself in, and be prepared for another bouncy ride!
Potential: 9+
~ Shinobi ~

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