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Phantasy Star Online
Finding Rares
Phantasy Star Online
Finding Rares
     > The following tips will only increase your chance of finding a rare item in PSO.  As we all know, it's very hard to find legitimate rares, so use this guide and you'll probably find more items.  Good luck.
  • CODES - Do not have any Code Breaker / Xploder save files on the VMU with your character for the US version.  This definitely doesn't apply to the Japanese release, and I have no information on the European release.
  • PLAY - Play a lot!  You need to have a lot of hours and a high level to increase the odds of finding anything good.
  • TEAMS - Remember: "You're not the only Hero".  Go online and join teams with as close to 4 people as possible.  Also, find teammates that "play", as described above.
  • QUESTS - Don't bother looking for rare items in a quest.  You may earn a rare item, but you won't find one.  Quests are good for finding tech's and mat's though.
  • FOREST ~ DARK FALZ - Play the whole game, from start to finish, whenever possible.  It's very rare to go through the entire game without finding at least one rare somewhere.
  • SEARCH - Finish every room of every area.  Open all the boxes.  If you don't look, you'll probably never find much.  I've found some of my best rares by going "the wrong" way.
  • ENEMIES - Some enemies split apart into more enemies, like the Monest, Slimes and Bulclaw.  Let/make them do that to increase your chance of getting a rare enemy or item.
  • RARE ENEMIES - If you see a room full of Rappies or Hildebears, you might telepipe back and forth until a rare enemy appears.  This works because the enemies are reset every time you pipe down.  However, this is tedious.  Also, it's been said that the "team leader" should kill a rare enemy to increase the chance of getting rares, but that can't be verified.
  • POISON SPITTERS - You'll find these poisonous lumps in the Ruins area.  Make sure not to pass any up before you check for rares.
  • LAG - If you're experiencing lag, then wait a few seconds to make sure all items have appeared.  Search the room as usual.
     > Although I've accepted the fact rares are too rare (for my taste), I've used these tips to find enough rares to make things interesting.

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