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Phantasy Star Online
Phantasy Star Online
How to earn it:
You can earn the SOUL EATER weapon the first time through (the quests) on Normal difficulty.  Do these quests in the proper order (as shown below).  Also note, this scythe-type weapon can be equipped by all classes.
Quest: "Battle Training"
KIREEK will join you in this quest and show you the ropes of combat.
Quest: "Dr. Osto's Research"
Prerequisites: clear "Magnitude of Metal", "Claiming a Stake" and "Battle Training" Quests, defeat De Rol Le, and talk to the Principal.
During this quest, SUE (your companion) will ask for your name. 
Important: !!Refuse to tell her your name!!
Quest: "Unsealed Door"
Prerequisites: clear "Dr. Osto's Research" and "Secret Delivery" Quests.
Chat with SUE in this quest.
Quest: "Waterfall Tears"
Prerequisites: clear "Addicting Food", "Lost Bride", and "Grave's Butler" Quests.
Make your way through this quest and defeat KIREEK. He'll be in the northern-most room of Cave 2, above the 'Y room'.
Quest: "Black Paper"
Prerequisites: clear "Waterfall Tears" Quest.
Make your way through this quest and defeat KIREEK. He'll be in the south room just past the huge 'lava room'.
Quest: "From the Depths"
Prerequisites: clear all tier 1 Quests, gain access to the Ruins, and clear "Doc's Secret Plan" Quest.
Make your way through Ruins 2. Partner with ASH as you begin Ruins 3.
Finish Ruins 3 by accessing the CPU terminal in the '6-way room'. Teleport up and part ways with ASH (on Pioneer 2). Go back to Ruins 2 and make your way just past the 'diagonal bridge room'. 
Important: Before you fight KIREEK, make sure you have at least one spot available in your inventory to accept the prize.
Defeat KIREEK and he'll surrender the SOUL EATER!
  • A cursed sickle that drains HP from the user.  It's special attack drains HP for a powerful strike.
  • 11 star (rarity)
  • +185 ATP (attack power)
  • +49 ATA (accuracy)
  • 165 ATP (required to equip)
  • +35 (max grind)
SOUL EATER (tekked)
SOUL EATER (in action)

Updated: 01.28.2015
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