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Character Profile:
     > Kasumi is a Kunoichi (female ninja) who was ordained as leader of the "Mugen Tenshin" style.  Instead of accepting this position, she became a "runaway shinobi" in order to avenge her brother, Hayate, who was partially paralyzed by DOATEC.
Dead or Alive : Kasumi
Dead or Alive : Kasumi
Dead or Alive 2 : Kasumi
Dead or Alive 3 : Kasumi Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: February 23
Age: 17
Blood Type: A
Height/Weight: 5' 2", 106 lbs
Measurements: B35" W21" H33"
Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Style, Ninjutsu Tenjin Mon
Occupation: Runaway shinobi
Hobby: Fortune telling
Likes: Strawberry millefeuille
Favorite Color: Milky pink
Games: DOA, DOA2, DOA3, DOAX
Dead or Alive XBV : Kasumi
Power:  Technique:  Defense: 

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