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Ryu Hayabusa
Character Profile:
     > Ryu Hyabusa, the modern super ninja, is the best friend of Kasumi's brother, Hayate.  He successfully defeated Bankotsi-bo - the feared Tengu of Destruction - who had brought chaos to the whole world.  Ryu also helped save the world from Genra, an evil being, created by DOATEC.
Dead or Alive : Ryu Hayabusa
Dead or Alive : Ryu Hayabusa
Dead or Alive 2 : Ryu Hayabusa
Dead or Alive 2 : Ryu Hayabusa Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: June 15
Age: 23
Blood Type: A
Height/Weight: 5' 10", 154 lbs
Measurements: B41" W33" H36"
Fighting Style: Hyabusa Style Ninjutsu
Occupation: Owner of curio shop
Hobby: Mountain climbing, fishing
Likes: Sushi
Favorite Color: n/a
Games: DOA, DOA2, DOA3
Dead or Alive 3 : Ryu Hayabusa

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