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Dragon Force: Game Soundtrack
Label Publisher Code
SF SF DF1996-2015
Discs Time Bar Code
1 CD 66:29 n/a
Origin Release MSRP
USA 12.21.2015 n/a
Dragon Force: Game Soundtrack is an album featuring music from Sega's challenging strategy/RPG. It's an exclusive, Limited Edition compilation by SHiNFORCE in 2015, and contains 1 CD with a total of 42 tracks. It has every song from the original game.
Review by Shinobi | 12.30.2015
     > The music selection for Dragon Force is rather varied to suit the eight monarchs in the game.  I really like the relaxing tune for "Teiris' Theme", and the primal beats of "Gongos' Theme" really keep you going.  Naturally, there are songs to go along with the multiple battle environments too.  "Apostle Of The Evil God" is my favorite battle tune, as it exudes tension.  I'm not sure if it's fact, but this game's music sounds as though it was created by the same people that worked on the Skies of Arcadia soundtrack.

     > The game has numerous jingles that are also included on this CD.  They're decent and short enough not to be a bother.  I did exclude the "Alarm (jingle)" because it's too short and you're not missing anything there.

     > My favorite song has to be the final track: "Dragon Force Anthem ~Ending~".  It's very catchy and is only played after you finish the game during the ending credits.  It's a great driving guitar song.

     > This is a Limited Edition compilation and is not sold in stores or online!  The only way to earn this collectable item is to win a contest at SHiNFORCE.

Bottom Line:
     > The DF:GST is a another example of Sega's exceptional ability to match a game with the appropriate music!  That's a good thing, since it takes about 60-70 hours to complete a play-through.  Good luck winning a contest for this prize.  I'm positive you'll treasure the music as much as I do...

Overall: 8.5/10

Track List (CD1) | 66:29
01) Dragon Force ~Main Theme~
02) Select Kingdom
03) Astea's Voice
04) Calling
05) Ally
06) Goldark
07) Relaxation
08) Warning
09) Field Start (jingle)
10) Battle For The Castle
11) Field End (jingle)
12) Duel
13) Lose 2
14) Wein's Theme
15) Reinhardt's Theme
16) Nice To See You (jingle)
17) Discovery (jingle)
18) Desert Battle
19) Lose 1 (jingle)
20) Gongos' Theme
21) Mikhal's Theme
22) Level Up (jingle)
23) Cheerfulness
24) Grass Land Battle
25) Lose 3
26) Junon's Theme
27) Teiris' Theme
28) Rebellion (jingle)
29) Friends
30) Snow Land Battle
31) Draw (jingle)
32) Goldark's Theme
33) Leon's Theme
34) Reluctance (jingle)
35) To Search (jingle)
36) To Die
37) Apostle Of The Evil God
38) Enemy
39) Madruk's Theme
40) The Last Battle
41) Win 1 (jingle)
42) Dragon Force Anthem ~Ending~
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