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Vyse is the game's male lead, protagonist, and the son of the Blue Rogue pirate Captain Dyne. He exclusively pirates the ships of the Valuan Empire, as his dislike for them is matched only by his father. Vyse's personality inspires his crew with a strong sense of compassion and empathy. His weapon of choice in combat is a cutlass. Vyse
Aika is one of the game's two main heroins. She is the foster daughter of Captain Dyne and Vyse's longtime friend. Even though she lost her family at a young age, Aika is outgoing and loves to have fun with her friends. Her weapon of choice in combat is a boomerang. Aika
Fina is the second heroin and a Silvite. She had an isolated upbringing in the great Silver Shrine, which made her quiet and reserved. Her only real friend while growing up was Ramirez, who left the Shrine on a mission from the Silvite Elders. Her artificial pet, Cupil, does most the fighting as Fina is rather weak. Fina
Drachma is a bitter old man for good reason. He lost his arm, wife and only son when his ship was destroyed by the arcwhale Rhaknam. He's been hunting Rhaknam for revenge ever since. Drachma mainly uses his large mechanical arm for combat, which houses various weapons. Drachma
Gilder is a Blue Rogue with a laid-back personality. He spends most of his time traveling from port to port, picking up women and battling the Valuans that cross his path. He sees Vyse as a younger brother, since he's more experienced. Gilder's weapon of choice in combat is the twin dueling pistols he carries. Gilder
Enrique is a Valuan prince with strong morality and charisma to spare. While growing up, he preferred the company of the Second Admiral Gregorio to his own mother (Empress of Valua). He joins the Blue Rogues to shock the complacency out of Valua. Enrique's weapon of choice in combat is a Rapier. Enrique

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