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Shin Force ~Eternal / Skies of Arcadia~ Eternal Arcadia / Skies of Arcadia :: Codes
Skies of Arcadia / Legends | Avoid Random Battles
     > After you acquire the ship upgrade that allows high and low altitudes, just fly at those levels to avoid random battles.
Skies of Arcadia | Omake
     > Just put any Eternal Arcadia or Skies of Arcadia GD-ROM into a PC CD-ROM, then access the "Master01.bmp" file for bonus artwork.
Skies of Arcadia Legends | Secret Swashbuckler Boosts
     > Talk to Alan (the kid with a green hat and pants) on Pirate Isle right after you get Fina and are allowed to go "topside".  When he asks if he can ever be an Air Pirate, choose the top option.  This must be done before playing hide-and-seek or leaving for Shrine Island.

     > Talk to Lindsi (the little girl wearing a dress) on Pirate Isle just before you depart for Valua to rescue everyone.  Choose the top option in conversation again.

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