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Shin Force ~ Panzer Dragoon ~ Azel -Panzer Dragoon RPG- Memorial Album :: Music
Label Publisher Code
Marvelous Ent. Marvelous Ent. MJCG-80066
Discs Time Bar Code
2 CD CD1: 71:22
CD2: 74:34
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 04.21.2001 ¥3,150
Azel -Panzer Dragoon RPG- Memorial Album is a re-release of the Azel -Panzer Dragoon RPG- Complete Album. This version also features two bonus tracks not included on the Complete Album, both of which are remixes of the “Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu” closing theme. For the record, the game was renamed Panzer Dragoon Saga in western markets.

If someone ever made an objective list of the best games ever made, it would include Panzer Dragoon Saga. Without any doubt whatsoever. Of course, that would require people to be truly objective. The main problem I have with the Saturn is that the last generation Saturn games we saw should have been the first. Imagine Burning Rangers and Sonic R as launch titles. These games proved beyond all doubt that the Saturn wasn't merely a 2D console. Unfortunately few games realized the Saturn's full potential.

Review by Geoffrey Duke | 01.07.2016
     > PD Saga arrived during the twilight years of the Saturn's life much to the delight of Sega fans everywhere, but needless to say, by then it was too little too late. It was almost as if Sega sought to reward the loyalty of gamers who believed in their ability to consistently create quality, original games. We should be grateful that PD Saga was even translated into English.

     > Any fan of PD Saga will know that the game has an incredibly memorable soundtrack. The OST doesn't merely set the mood of the game, but reflects it in a way that you will remember forever. The music is synthesized by the Saturn, meaning electronically recreated or created (as opposed to orchestral), but that doesn't stop the music from being great. In fact, it's outstanding. I am not joking when I say words simply don't do it justice. Mere words fail to describe this OST's magnificence.

     > The OST reflects how primitive tribes of people live in the shadow of advanced technology. Despite bending the Ancient technology to their will, the OST aptly conveys how the current inhabitants of the world are still "standing on the shoulders of giants". The ancient technology and primitive tribal cultures clash until they begin to slowly merge into one with disastrous consequences. You hear drum beats blended with flowing oriental windpipes and organs that both constantly change pitch, echoing percussion, and electronic beats and melodies that shift tempo depending on the environment. You could argue that there is too much percussion, especially in the form of drum beats, but it fits the theme perfectly. The music ranges from soft melodies for towns to fast-paced thunderous beats for action. 

     > The OST creates a very ambient atmosphere. It's quite impressive when you consider that this music was created on 1994 console hardware. The tracks that stand out are Atolm's theme which you also hear in the intro trailer, and for me personally, the Imperial Air Force track. Atolm is a huge black dragon who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. He is ridden by Azel, a female drone (a biomonster in human form) created in the Ancient Age. Azel defies gravity by literally standing atop her dragon as they both soar the skies gracefully. Much of the game revolves around saving her, especially from herself, because she is the key to unlocking the power of the Ancient technology.

     > Atolm's theme sweeps you away into another world with tribal drum rolls, melodic windpipes and organs that rise and fall. It's stunning to hear. The Imperial Air Force track captures your attention with a slow build up of prolonged subtle organ keys combined with fast soft melodic keyboard keys, and the clashing of metal with hard drum beats vaguely in the background, and culminates in flowing harps and organs. It's beautiful to hear while you are blowing Imperial warships to pieces. Anti-gravity ships define the Empire, and this track alerts you to a greater threat than you have faced before. 

     > The track for the Imperial flagship has more prominent fast-paced tribal drum beats which I found fitting because the Panzer world is home to primitive tribes of people who are drawn to power like moths to a flame. You really need to hear this all for yourself before you can form an opinion.

     > The Empire in PD Saga was motivated by an insatiable hunger for power. The Empire believed that the Emperor was the heir to the ancient civilization and therefore had the right to claim the ancient technology by force and dominate the world. This is reflected in the music where low-tech and high-tech collide. The Empire didn't answer for its crimes to the rest of the world, or to a higher power except ironically the technology it sought to claim as its own. You might call this a fitting end. The Empire was blinded by an insatiable hunger for power, which is why it's always best to limit power. You can't reason with tyrants, but the Empire's advanced technology is stunning to behold. If it can be used for evil then it can also be used for good. The Imperial warships are such a work of art that it's a tragedy to destroy them.

     > The music captures these themes magnificently with slow harps that create a sense of foreboding (heard in "A Nation of Holy Deceit"), and disciplined military drum beats in some tracks and more chaotic tribal drum beats in others. The drum beats set a militaristic mood. They introduce the player to the Empire without fail. PD Saga has distinctive music for every type of enemy. The game uses reflective instrumentation like no other.

     > You will have to forgive me for writing an in-depth review; I am attempting to be as specific as possible. This is a special OST, so it deserves a special review. The story of Panzer Dragoon Saga seems to be an allegory of human nature itself, but that's another story.

Bottom Line:
     > Panzer Dragoon Saga is a magnificent game that has a magnificent soundtrack. This OST is a masterpiece that true gamers will remember forever.

Overall: 10/10

Track List (CD1) | 71:22
  1. Ecce Valde Generous Ale (Behold the Precious Wings)
  2. First Battle
  3. Noble Rebel Army
  4. A Holy Nation of Deceit
  5. Solitary Battle
  6. Wings
  7. Seperated for Eternity
  8. Premonition of War
  9. Mutation
  10. Chaos Amongst the Silence
  11. Mutation II
  12. Giant Creature
  13. Rest
  14. Breath of Life
  15. The Blue Ruins
  16. Wandering
  17. Forbidden Land
  18. Pure Blood Seed
  19. The Black Fleet
  20. Rendevous with Destiny
  21. Atolm Dragon
  22. Spirit of the Dragon
  23. Forseen Encounter
  24. The Empire
  25. Shellcoof
  26. Zoah
  27. Paet's Theme
  28. Water Ruins
  29. Ancient Weapon
  30. Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu (Re-arranged) [Bonus Track]
Track List (CD2) | 74:34
  1. Trapped Underground
  2. Path to the Being
  3. Sealed Spirit
  4. Elevator Chase
  5. Giant Creature II
  6. Separation
  7. Source of the Protective Flame
  8. Dream
  9. Sleeping Iron Ingot
  10. Imperial Air Force
  11. Giant Warship
  12. Fading Away
  13. Holy Chariot
  14. A Century Gone By
  15. Interception
  16. Awakening
  17. Conclusion
  18. Village of the Seekers
  19. The Forest's Cry
  20. The Red Ruins
  21. Into the Promised Land
  22. Overture to the End
  23. Tears
  24. Sestren
  25. Vision
  26. Vision II
  27. The Final Battle ~Recurrence~
  28. Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu (Art Thou the Holy One)
  29. Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu (Prescription Vocal Club Mix) [Bonus Track]
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