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Phantasy Star Series Phantasy Star Online: Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution :: Break Deck
"Boss Power" - Final Battle Deck | Overview
     > With the cards in this deck you should be able to win the Final Battle of the Arkz Story missions without too much trouble. A tweak here or there depending on the cards you have at your disposal is no problem. I call this my "Boss Power" deck. The main objective is to keep reducing the AP (attack power) of Castor and Amplum Umbla while surviving their attacks. The best way to beat Castor is with one Govulmer and one Sinow Spigell, both of which have the AP Silence ability. Just surround her and attack to suppress her AP growth ability. The best way to beat Amplum Umbla is with one Govulmer and one Dark Belra. Use the Govulmer for AP Silence and the Dark Belra for 10AP attacks! Just ignore the enemies that Amplum Umbla spawns and attack him! Get that Dice+1 going so the Dark Belra is easier to use/move. This deck could be tweaked for regular missions by replacing the Aegis Guards with better suited defense cards like Resist and Avert.
3x Govulmer (AP Silence: Target AP=0 for 2 Turns, Stall)
1x Sinow Red (AP Assist: Nearby Allies +1AP, Battle Recovery, Sword Demolisher)
1x Sinow Spigell (AP Silence, HP Assist: Nearby Allies +1HP/turn, Warp)
2x Merlan (High-cost and Story Character Slayer, Hand Disrupter)
2x Dark Belra (No Attack Action cards, +1 cost move, Guards Demolisher, +1 cost attack)
1x Heavy Slash (+4AP and hits a row of 3 ahead)
2x Stab (2Range +2AP) 
3x Unit Blow (+3AP x this card combo)
2x HP Attack (temporarily swap HP/AP to attack)
2x Dodge (defend 2HP on physical/magic attack)
3x Guard (defend 4HP on physical attack)
2x Aegis Guard (completely defend HP/2 and Instant Death attacks)
3x Weakness (Attacker's total AP is set to 0)
1x Beat (+5AP in exchange for EXP)
2x Dice+1 (+1Roll All) 

Slash (+2AP hits row of 3) / Split Boost (+AP=Dice Roll) | Substitute these Attack cards if necessary
Dice Fever (Roll 5/5 All) / Ruin Darkness (+2AP Dark All) | Substitute these Assist cards if necessary

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