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Phantasy Star Series Phantasy Star Online: Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution :: Sil'fer Deck
"PSO Goddess" - All Purpose Deck | Overview
     > With the cards in this deck you should be able to win most of the Hero Story missions without too much trouble. A tweak here or there for certain circumstances can be beneficial, especially when you're battling with rules changes or a particularly lethal special ability (like Rampage - which hits all your equipped items). I call this my "PSO Goddess" deck. The main objective is to grow the AP of a "Lightning Partisan" with normal kills and "Rage" kills, while healing it with "HP Attack" kills. The secondary objective is to heal a "Sange & Yasha" with its bonus HP ability, while growing its AP with "HP Attack" and "Rage" kills. By the time you clear the field of enemies you could be doing upwards of 20 damage per hit on the Arkz character!
3x Lightning Partisan (+1AP with kill)
3x Sange & Yasha (+HP with attack)
2x Shield (+6HP guard)
1x Heavy Slash (+4AP and hits a row of 3 ahead)
1x Chaotic Attack (+2AP and hits 2 sides)
1x Cross Slay (+1AP and hits 4 sides)
1x Mighty Knuckle (convert ATK roll+1 to +AP)
1x SW Attack (do 1.5x damage with Swords)
2x HP Attack (temporarily swap HP/AP to attack)
2x Rage (+1AP on kill)
2x Dodge (defend 2HP on physical/magic attack)
3x Guard (defend 4HP on physical attack)
1x Resist (defend 10HP on physical/magic attack)
1x Avert (defend 5HP vs. low cost attackers)
1x Half Defense (defends your item HP/2)
1x SW Guard (defends Swords)
1x Punch Guard (defends 2HP and Rampage)
1x Beat (+5AP in exchange for EXP)
2x Brave Wind (+2AP for 4 turns) | Use "Saber Dance" if you don't have this card

Stab (2Range +2AP) / Unit Blow (+3AP) | Substitute these Attack cards if necessary
Saber Dance (+2AP All) / Dice+1 (+1Roll All) | Substitute these Assist cards if necessary

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