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Phantasy Star Series Preview :: Phantasy Star Nova
:: by Shinobi ::
     > Phantasy Star Nova (PSN) is set in the same world as Phantasy Star Online 2, except it's multiplayer option is local ad hoc only.  All PlayStation Vita games, including PSN, are region free.  That's great for American players, since Sega has no intention of porting this game.  Anyway, all the text in this game is Japanese, but menu navigation is attainable with practice.

     > The main draw (for me) to importing PSN is the ability to play offline.  I don't want to mess with setting up a Japanese account and so on.  Yes, 4 player ad hoc wouldn't be bad, but do you know 3 (other) people that own a PlayStation Vita?

     > Character creation is loaded with options and there's plenty of new areas, weapons and enemies to encounter.  Choose your sex, next the classic Human, Newman and Cast races, then the familiar Hunter, Force and Ranger jobs.  A host of weapons reprise their role including the Great Sword, Partisans, Canes, Wands, Rifles and (most important) the Double Saber!

     > No matter how many times I play Phantasy Star Online, I never seem to get tired of it.  I've spent thousands of hours playing the series.  Phantasy Star Nova is the latest in a long line of excellent action/RPG's.  The graphics look great, the gameplay is classic, and the enemies are endless.  C'mon all you Hunters, we've got to "Save this World"!

Series Phantasy Star Online 2
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita
Publisher(s) Sega
Developer(s) tri-Ace
Composer(s) Motoi Sakuraba
Available 2014.11.27 (JPN)
2015.03.?? (Chinese)
Genre Action/RPG
Player(s) 1, 1-4 Ad Hoc
MSRP ¥4,900
Format(s) PSV Card
Importable 50%

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