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Palma: Camineet
"In some dungeons you will not get far without some sort of light."
Storage Dungeon with 50 Meseta.
"I'm Nekise. One hears lots of stories, you know, but some say that a fighter named Odin lives in a town called Scion. Also, I have a Laconian Pot given by Nero, that would be helpful to you in your task. I wish I could help you more. I pray for your safety."
Alis' home.
"There is a Spaceport to the west of Camineet."
"I'm Suelo. I know how you must feel, dear, no one can stop you from doing what you know you must do. But if you should ever be wounded in battle, come here to rest. Please rest yourself. You are welcome here at any time."
Exit to Palma overworld.
Exit to Palma Spaceport.
"Do you know about the planets of the Algol Star System? There are three planets; Palma, Motavia and Dezoris. Palma is a world of green. Motavia is a world of sand. Dezoris is a world of ice. The Algol Star System is currently facing a great crisis."
Armory Shop: LTH SLD 30 / IRN SLD 520 / CRC SLD 1400.
First Food Shop: Cola 10 / Burger 40.
Second-Hand Shop: Flash 20 / Escaper 10 / Transer 48.
"If you want to make a deal, you should head for the port town."
"The Camineet residential area is under martial law."
"This is a Church. Do you wish to resurrect someone? [Y/N] May the gods watch over you! To advance to the next level, Alis needs x experience points."
Exit to Palma overworld.
"You need a dungeon key to open locked doors."

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