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Phantasy Star Series Phantasy Star Universe: Tsutaya Original Sound Track
Phantasy Star Universe: Tsutaya OST
Label Publisher Catalog #
Tsutaya Sega SGSP-DT018
Discs Time Bar Code
1 CD Disc 1 (19:07) n/a
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 08.31.2006 ¥ Not For Sale
     > Phantasy Star Universe: Tsutaya Original Sound Track is a partial album of the Phantasy Star Universe experience. Originally, this CD was a bonus giveaway for preorders of Phantasy Star Universe through the Japanese retailer, Tsutaya. Featuring some of the most well known PSU songs, it's a great addition to one's Phantasy Star Online collection.
Review by Shinobi | 01.22.2020
     > My Phantasy Star Online fandom knows no boundaries. Therefore, I had to buy this CD as soon as I became aware of its existence (which was a week ago). It wasn't even that much money, as I paid about $30 complete with shipping from Japan.

     > So this freebie has a few of the most popular PSU songs, headlined by the (very catchy) opening tune, "Save This World". The album is short and sweet, just what you'd expect from a bonus disc. If one likes this CD, then graduating to a more complete collection, like "For Brighter Day PSU OST", would be in order.

Bottom Line:
     > Phantasy Star Universe has some decent music, especially the opening song. This bonus CD may be the only soundtrack released with the instrumental version of "Save This World". Anyway, it's cool for collectors, but there's more complete albums available.

Overall: 8

Track List (CD1) | 19:07
  1. Save This World ~Opening Size~
  2. G_March
  3. CAST
  4. Raffon Meadow
  5. Growl, From The Wild Sky
  6. Clyez Linear Line
  7. Game Over
  8. Save This World ~Instrumental~
  9. With You ~Epilogue Size~
Box Art / Cover Scans
Phantasy Star Universe: Tsutaya OST | front insert
Phantasy Star Universe: Tsutaya OST | back insert

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