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Shin Force ~ Shining Force ~
Shining Force III ~Scenario 1~ Original Soundtrack
Label Publisher Catalog
Shin Force SEGA SF-SF3A
Discs Time Bar Code
1CD 74:01
Origin Release MSRP
USA 02.02.2022 $80
Shining Force III ~Scenario 1~ Original Soundtrack is an album featuring music from Sega's exceptional strategy/RPG of the same name. This CD was exclusively released in 2022, and contains 33 music tracks. These songs are directly from the game. It's not sanctioned or officially produced by Sega.
Review by Shinobi | 02.04.2022
     > For anyone that has enjoyed Shining Force III on Sega Saturn or an emulator, hearing the game's soundtrack is nothing short of spectacular. I loved the music so much that I bought all the official soundtracks I could find. After purchasing "Force of Light" (and others) many moons ago, my expectation of hearing music directly from the game was quickly dashed. I had to have the video game soundtrack!

     > Twenty two years ago, I spent many hours sorting, selecting, recording, naming, and editing the music tracks of Shining Force III. Of course, being a huge fan of Sega, I made every effort to create a realistic box and CD art. Upon unsuccessfully looking for the original box art image files, I decided it was time to update and remake them. Unfortunately, I don't have access to color printed CDRs (in small batches), so I'm going with superior media, Mitsui Gold.

     > Anyway, people that enjoy mostly upbeat and sometimes solemn environmental music will definitely love listening to this soundtrack. The great memories of Saturn fandom come rushing back to the forefront, every time I listen to SF3's music. Naturally, I love everything on this CD, but my absolute favorite songs are "Scenario 1 Opening", "Shining Force Anthem", "Medion's Anthem", "Remember the Force", and "Mayor's Suite". At least play the games and you too can know the pleasure of hearing Motoi Sakuraba's best work.

Bottom Line:
     > It's been 22 years since the original CD was released. After spending 50+ hours on a Scenario 1 play through, the nostalgia overwhelmed me and created the incentive to remake this amazing 3 disc compilation. Scenario 1's soundtrack is excellent and only serves as an appetizer for what's to come in Scenarios 2-3. This is not the same as the "Force of Light" or "Shining Force III" soundtracks that were released ages ago. Those are studio recordings of an orchestra arrangement. My friends, this is the epitome of superior video game music!

Overall: 10

Track List (CD1) | 74:01 
  1. Opening Theme
  2. Beginning a Game
  3. Scenario 1 Opening
  4. In Search of Victory
  5. Republican Conference
  6. Saraband City
  7. Shining Force Anthem
  8. Headquarters
  9. In Church
  10. Medion's Anthem
  11. Exploration
  12. Remember the Force
  13. Memories of Synbios
  14. Dark Force
  15. Just Visiting
  16. Dire Situation
  17. Dungeon Theme
  18. Valley of Doom
  19. Mayor's Suite
  20. Shop Owner's Delight
  21. New Horizon
  22. Indecision
  23. Shining Force Reprise
  24. Graveyard
  25. Synbios in Battle
  26. Colossus
  27. Cave of Wonders
  28. Mystic Ruins
  29. Knights in Armor
  30. Final Arrangements
  31. Ending War
  32. Shining Arrival
  33. Fini
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