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Hero Story: Mission Guide
     > This strategy guide provides you with information on Phantasy Star Online: Episode III CARD Revolution's "Story Mode" -- more specifically, the Hero Side missions.  Planet Ragol is under siege, and a war between the Hero/Light Side and Arkz/Dark Side rages on.  You begin the Hero story in the central base for your division of Hunters, the "Morgue".  Government missions (GM) are ordered by the Lab Chief (your superior officer).  Side missions (SM) are occasionally offered by the man standing to the left of the "Entry Counter" room (heretofore called the "Q-man").  Story Character (main character cards) missions (SC) are offered at certain times by the characters themselves.  Mission Killers are those that cause you to progress further into the storyline, while wiping out any other incomplete missions.  Initially, three Story Characters serve under your command -- they are Sil'fer (HUnewearl), Kranz (RAmar), and Ino'lis (FOmarl).

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