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Shin Force ~ Phantasy Star ~
Phantasy Star Online Episode I/II
Name On? ID Diff Quest Area Enemy/Box Rare
DB'S SHIELD Off/On Green/Pink U/VH n Cave 3/Ruins 1 Pofuilly Slime/Dark Belra 10
PROTO REGENE GEAR Off/On Pink VH n Mine 2/Mine 1 Canadine/Gillchic 10
SECRET GEAR On Red H n Mine 1 Gillchic 10
SHIELD OF DELSABER Off any any 2*The Unsealed Door Pioneer 2 Dr. Montague 10
2*Complete 'Dr. Osto's Research' and 'Doc's Secret Plan', then Dr. Montague will make the given weapon from the appropriate enemy part.
NOTE: The above chart does not necessarily indicate the only way to find the given weapon.  It does represent first hand success from our members.

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