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Technical Specifications 05.25.2002 Check out what's under the hood of the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.
TeraDrive 11.14.1999 Read about the IBM PC/AT compatible plus Sega Genesis/Mega Drive combo system.

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive | Technical Specifications
CPU Type: 
Sound Chip: 
Sound Chip Type: 
Total Colors: 
Colors On-screen: 
Max Sprites: 
Sprite Sizes: 
16 bit
7.6 MHz
8 bit
10 channel stereo
8x8, 32x32
Source: Mega Play
Sega Genesis

Mega Drive (JP) | TeraDrive
     > Back in 1991, IBM and Sega Enterprises announced a joint project to create and market a low cost family computer, complete with Genesis/Mega Drive compatibility. Taking a page from the Atari PC/console combo book, the TeraDrive is the first such unit from Sega. 
     > IBM supplied the necessary computer technology, while Sega manufactured the system. The TeraDrive is fully PC/AT compatible, came packed with a Genesis 68000 chip, IBM 80286 CPU, and IBM DOS 4.0 (which was the standard at the time). Three models were sold with the on-board memory being the difference, as it ranged from 512k to 2.5MB. Some of the options available were a word processing and spreadsheet package, mouse, and monitor.  To top it off, the Genesis/computer also supposedly had a Sega CD interface!
     > The unit's base retail price was $750, which was pretty good considering all the TeraDrive had to offer. As a matter of fact, PCs alone were at least that much! As it turned out, the TeraDrive never did reach the USA, because Sega and IBM only sought to penetrate Japanese households with a PC system. More combo systems would arrive though. 
     > Later on, Pioneer released a Laser Disc/Sega CD/Turbo Grafx combo system in America, which saw limited success. In Europe, there was at least one Genesis/PC combo system, but I believe it was Amiga compatible. I like the idea behind the TeraDrive, and hopefully Sega will release a console/PC unit in America some time soon.


Source: Mega Play
Released MSRP
Model 1: 05.31.1991
Model 2: 05.31.1991
Model 3: 05.31.1991
Mega Drive (JP) | TeraDrive
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