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Burning Rangers (ost)
Marvelous Ent.
Music & Arranged by
Naofumi Hataya
1x CD
1998 (Japan)
     > Sonic brought us the action game of 1998, titled Burning Rangers.  Now, Marvelous Entertainment brings us the matching original soundtrack.  The Burning Rangers soundtrack has a wide variety of music from rock, to pop, to rap, to techno-jazz.  This CD has it all, and it sounds great.  Some songs are instrumental; some have mostly Japanese lyrics; and some are the English lyric equivalents.  The lead Japanese vocals come from Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (the same guy that did the Saturn Daytona USA soundtrack)!  Remember, "Blue, blue skies..."?  Tomoko Sasaki sooths your soul while she sings "I Just Smile".  To top it all off, some songs feature an excellent guitar performance from Vinnie Moore.  What more could you ask for??

     > There are 25 songs on the disc ranging from short to average in length.  I purchased this disc from Game Express (in 1998) for $39.95, so be prepared to pay for this treasure (if you can find it at this time).  With such various types of music on this CD, it will supply hours of listening contrast for your enjoyment! "...Burning Rangers -- Go!!!" 

Bottom Line / Rating
     > What a mix!  If you like variety, then look no further.  The Burning Rangers soundtrack sounds great -- especially the title track, which is reminiscent of some early Santana...

Overall: 9.0

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Burning Rangers - front cover | Scan
Burning Rangers - front cover | scan
Burning Rangers - back cover | Scan
Burning Rangers - back cover | scan
Burning Rangers ost - 1 | Wallpaper
Burning Rangers ost - 1 | wallpaper
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Burning Rangers ost - 2 | Wallpaper
Burning Rangers ost - 2 | wallpaper
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