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Shin Force
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Shin Force ~ Music ~
 Lunar ~Eternal Blue~ (Original Soundtrack)
SM Records
Sega CD
1 CD
Now (Japan)
     > Ever since the Lunar series took RPG fans to new  
heights on the Sega CD, I've been looking for the corresponding soundtracks.  Much to my surprise, I happened upon this disc recently and instantly purchased it.  After inserting it into my PC and listening to the soothing, sometimes upbeat orchestral tunes, I was whisked away to fond memories of playing the game (both on Sega CD and Saturn).  An important note is that this CD contains the Japanese soundtrack, which is different than the US game.
     > The disc contains 18 tracks for a total play time of 66:19.  It's cool to hear songs from this version of the game, especially the one's with Japanese lyrics.  Even if you're a me-too newcomer to the series, this soundtrack will surely please.
Bottom Line:
     > Lunar Eternal Blue's soundtrack is pretty darn good, but it doesn't beat Shining Force III. If you're a fan of the series, then I suggest you get your hands on this soundtrack before they're impossible to find...
Overall: 8.8
~ Shinobi ~