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Shin Force ~ Shining Force ~
 Shining Force III (Original Soundtrack)
Toshiba-EMI Ltd.
1 CD
Nov 1998 (Japan)
     > Right about now you're looking at the CD cover to the 
right and you're wondering how in the world I found this CD.  Well, rightfully so since this soundtrack is one of the hardest to find.  Anyway, this "Original Soundtrack" is actually the original music, but it's not directly from the game.  In my opinion, the music definitely has an arranged sound.  As a matter of fact, 9 of the songs on this album can be found on the Force of Light disc (which I've called arranged) as well.  All this aside, you still get one of the best game soundtracks of all time in this disc...
     > There are 13 tracks on the disc all of which are identifiable, albeit a little remixed.  Especially noticeable is the 70's keyboard riffs throughout the disc.  Fans of the Strategy/RPG series are sure to enjoy this soundtrack as much as I do.  And now for the real news --  I found this disc at Game Music Online <>.  To top it off, they're selling it for $29.99!

Bottom Line:
     > If you've played any scenario of Shining Force III then you know what to expect...  Motoi Sakuraba's classic soundtrack is refreshing, upbeat, and worth every penny!
Overall: 9.7

~ Shinobi ~