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Sonic Adventure: "Digi-Log Conversation" Original Soundtrack
Data Review
Ever Anime
Sega (various)
2 CD
Disc 1: 36
Disc 2: 33
Disc 1: 74:57
Disc 2: 73:46
     > Whether it be on the Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, or other formats, Sega has always come through with a great soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog games.  Much to nobody's surprise, Sega delivered the goods in the action/adventure extravaganza known as Sonic Adventure for the Uberconsole.  Of course, an original soundtrack was officially released, as well as the bootleg version.

     > It doesn't matter what kind of music you like because this game covers many types.  You'll hear mostly fast paced, upbeat music with the occasional ballad.  More specifically, music fans will enjoy a compilation of rock, jazz, orchestral, techno, Amazon jungle, Yuzu Koshiro (known for music in the Shinobi and Streets of Rage series), polynesian, and grunge-rock (for the awesome main theme).  

     > My favorite song is definitely "Open your Heart" -- the sweet sounding, main-grunge-theme you'll be singing long after the CD is over!  "Tricky Maze" is a great tune as well, which hails from the Lost World area. "Azure Blue World" for the Emerald Coast area is both a great jam and strangely relaxing song.  Yeah, some of the event stuff is weak, but the meat of this 2 CD collection is ever worthy of your fine collection!

Bottom Line:
     > The Sonic Adventure ost is straight out of the ever popular uber-game you've surely been enjoying since launch day.  In all, you get 2 CD's filled with a whopping total of 69 songs!  If you liked the music in the game, then this is the soundtrack for you...

Overall: 9.5


Sonic Adventure ost | front scan
Sonic Adventure ost | back scan

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