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Feature Specification
CPU High speed custom 16 bit.
LCD Custom reflective color TFT.
Resolution 160 x 152 dot.
Screen Size 45 mm x 48 mm.
Color 146 simultaneous colors out of a possible 4096.
System Software World clock, calendar, horoscope, alarm, built-in simulated color compatible function.
Backup Memory Built-in using a lithium battery.
Power Supply Two AAA batteries (up to 40 hours play time) or AC adapter.
Dimensions 130 x 80 x 30.5 mm (W x H x D).
Weight 145g (195g with batteries).
Comm I/O 5-pin connector for communication with a NGP or Dreamcast using a cable.
Audio Output Built-in speaker with volume control and stereo jack.
Joystick 8 direction revolving digital stick.
Buttons A and B digital gameplay buttons plus a digital Option button.