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Releases 2000 Index

COMING SOON 2000-01 | Index
> 12.08.2000 | At this time, we don't know of any more titles coming soon.

DECEMBER 2000 | Index
> 12.08.2000 | Yukyu Gensokyoku ~Perpetual Collection~ | Media Works | All of the Yukyu Gensokyoku games on the Saturn, are collected in this one volume. Yukyu Gensokyoku, the original game and Yukyu Official Collection, Yukyu 2nd Album, Yukyu Ensemble, and Yukyu Ensemble 2 are all included. Five CD-Roms are packed and bound in a thick, hardcover gatefold that fans open into three segments. Two discs nestle on each fold, with the final Official Collection CD packed on one fold with the game guide. A mini poster and an NTT telephone calling card provide neat little bonuses. The thick user manual covers all of the gameplay elements and back story in each Yukyu game. For fans of the Yukyu series, this is the compendium to end all.

MARCH 2000 | Index
> 04.03.2000 | Final Fight Revenge | Capcom | This Action/Fighter will be converted to Saturn from its arcade brother, the ST-V board.  It will be 4 MB RAM compatible and sold with or without the RAM cart.  It will be a limited release so get your pre-order in if you hope to own one of the last new Saturn titles.

> 03.31.2000 | Roommate Complete Box | Datam Polystar | Contains Roommate, Roommate Summer Vacation, Ryouko Inoue Chatting Room, and Roommate W Futari.  In addition to the software, Datam includes a Roommate 
telephone card, 9 Ryouko trading cards, and a year 2000-2001 calendar.