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Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Clean Pause
     > While playing, press the START button to pause the game, then press X+Y+Z simultaneously to get a clean pause screen.
Courtesy: Shinobi
Game Shark™ (USA)
     > You need a Game Shark™ or Action Replay compatible cartridge to utilize these cheat codes.
Master Code
F6000924 C305
Auto Berserk Recharge
D60730AC 0000
160730AC 00B4
3 Way Shot
1607335C 0100
5 Way Shot
1607335C 0200
Homing Shot
1607335C 0500
Graviton Shot
1607335C 0600
100 Percent Kills
160730EC 0064
160730EE 0064
Stop Boss Timer
1607E766 1194
Courtesy: Sega Force
     > Put your Panzer Dragoon Zwei disc into a PC CD drive, and run a Saturn Cinepak Viewer program to access the "Omake.cpk" files on the disc.
Courtesy: Shinobi
Pandra's Box
     > Start Panzer Dragoon Zwei with a Panzer Dragoon Saga save file in your Saturn's backup memory, and you'll have access to a new Option called "Pandra's Box", which features a plethora of cheats.
Courtesy: G.Duke
Soft Reset
     > While playing, hold A+B+C and press START to reset the game.
Courtesy: Shinobi
     > While playing, press and hold L+R+A+B+C.
Courtesy: Shinobi

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