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Sega Force Vault
2x CD
Mar. 4, 1999
 ¥5,800 standard
 ¥7,800 w/RAM
Beat 'em up
Backup 8/8
 (disc 2 only)
     > Dungeons & Dragons Collection contains both Capcom arcade hack'n' slash titles from old-school heaven -- Their subtitles are Tower of Doom (disc 1) released in 1993, and Shadow Over Mystara (disc 2) released in 1996.  Four years after its launch, the Saturn has received two games like Sega's original masterpiece, Golden Axe (arcade/Genesis).  Both the original arcade games featured 4 player coop, but the Saturn iterations are limited to 2 player coop.

     > The idea here is basic -- Advance through the various locales while slicing and dicing all the monsters into oblivion.  There's an occasional hostage to free as well.  Along the way you'll encounter large bosses which have special attacks of catastrophic proportions. Use the treasure you accumulate in battle to buy items in the shop between levels. It's mindless fun, and it's yet another Saturn exclusive. 

     > Importing is a cinch as everything you really need is in English, including the main menu, option menus and game screens.  The only things that are Japanese are the occasional dialog text and the names of the special weapons.

     > If you've seen Dungeons & Dragons in the arcade, then you know what to expect.  Tower of Doom is a 2D hand drawn beauty from start to finish.  The charcter animation is pretty good for the heroes and the monsters.  As for the backgrounds, they're multi-scrolling and consist of locales like a city, swamp, ship, castle, countryside, cave, and mine (to name a few).

     > As mentioned before, you'll fight against large bosses like a Displacer Beast, Beholder, Black Dragon and more.  The various standard monsters include kobolds, skeletons, gnolls, troglodytes, owl bears and more.  Enemies can use physical attacks, magic and weapons.

     > The magic effects are decent in Tower of Doom.  Overall, the firebomb and bolt magic spells are my favorite to behold.  Oh... and don't worry, the bosses usually hurl multiple types of magic at you as well.  The final boss in Tower of Doom has some particularly effective spells like energy bind, sleep amd flame wave.

     > The control scheme for Tower of Doom is simple and enjoyable.  The buttons are attack, jump, fire (special weapon or spell) and select.  You can use the D-pad to move along a wide area and for running and charging as well.  Throughout your quest, you'll come across treasure chests which may or may not be trapped, and usually contain some goodies.  Also, most enemies leave some booty behind once they're defeated, which you can pick up and use (money, weapons, magic).

     > Thank you Capcom for including the ability to map buttons in the options!  Other options include music, sound effects and difficulty levels.

     > All the gold you collect will not go to waste either, since after every round, you'll have an opportunity to stock up on weapons and health at your local shop.  It pays to enter the various pathways which you'll encounter as they usually provide additional treasure.  Overall, the control is tight and classic.

     > I really can't remember what the arcade music sounded like, but I'm sure the Saturn iteration is as good, if not better.  You'll hear a combination of orchestral and fantasy arcade tunes which set the tempo nicely.  Nothing to call home for, but solid anyway.

     > The sound effects are probably straight out of the arcade as well. I'd say Tower of Doom's effects are not always ideal.  You'll hear things like swords swinging, enemies howling, chests cracking open, monsters roaring, rocks falling and hellhounds breathing.  The speech cues are in English, by the way.

     > Tower of Doom has four characters with different abilities and attacks: Fighter (longsword), Cleric (mace+shield), Dwarf (axe) and a female Elf (sword+shield).  Your interest level is maintained with treasure, power-ups and additional weapons.  For a beat 'em up this game has enough levels to satisfy.  There's even forks on the road to the final battle.  The only downer is that Capcom did not spend enough time optimizing this game, as it loads often.  At any rate, the fun factor does go down once you've beaten the game a few times.
Bottom Line
     > If you're into Golden Axe type games with a little more depth for adventure, then look no further than Capcom's latest arcade conversion.  Dungeons & Dragons Collection is a solid combination of two arcade classics which are fully intact on your Saturn, thanks to the 4MB RAM cartridge.  I'd score these games a 10 for the conversion. Tower of Doom is the older of the two games included in this set, but it's full of arcade hack'n' slash gameplay that keeps you pressing "Continue". Now Sega, bring us a Golden Axe sequel for the Dreamcast already!
Overall: 8.1 | Graphics: 8.0 | Control: 9.0 | Sound: 7.5 | Fun: 8.0
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