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4 MB RAM Modification
NCS 4 in 1 "Vampire" Mod
     The mod as detailed below will upgrade the 4-in-1 Action Replay Plus adaptor to 100% Vampire Savior compatibility.  All cards shipped prior to 04.16.1998 will require this mod.  New 4-in-1 cards shipped from NCS after the above date will have the mod implemented.  Here are the supplies and tools you'll need to perform the upgrade:
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Exacto knife or similar cutting tool
  • Philips screwdriver
  • 30AWG kynar wrapping wire **Higher wire gauges are okay but 30AWG will provide you with better flexibility when soldering to the board.
Action Replay 4M Plus
Step by Step
     1) With the Phillips, remove the two screws that hold the 4-in-1 together. The screws are located on the back side of the card; one of the screws is covered by a warranty sticker so break it. Once the sticker is broken, your warranty will also cease to exist but take comfort in that NCS considers this mod very simple to do with a low level of risk. However, a modicum of skill and a steady hand are requisites.
     2) Once the card is out, match the photo you see below (Picture #1) with your own 4-in-1. Note the parallel port is top-centered in the photo, use it as your reference point.
Picture #1
Picture #1
     3) Locate the two solder points that NCS has circled in the photo (Picture #2) . The trace that joins these two points must be cut, so take your exacto knife and sever it. NCS has colored the trace white for better visibility. NCS recommends that you cut the trace near the left solder point only. Cutting the trace in the middle of the strand increases the chance that you'll cut a trace that should not be cut. So, take heed and proceed carefully. 
     4) Cut a piece of kynar wire that is roughly 2 inches in length. Strip the ends of the wire so that the silver is exposed. Note that you will only need to strip the ends about 1/32". 
Picture #2
Picture #2
     5) X marks the spot where we severed the trace (Picture #3). The O on the left marks the new solder point where you will need to attach the strand of kynar wire to the original solder point (In Picture #3, it is also marked with an O). NCS has drawn a green line connecting the two points for illustrative purposes. The actual real world mod will require a wire stretching from solder points O to O
Picture #3
Picture #3
     6) Done. Re-assemble the card and plug the unit into your Saturn for a few sessions of Vampire Saviour. NCS has noticed that some cards will cause graphical glitches upon initial boot-up of VS. The fix: reset the console and let it re-load for glitch-free graphics. Enjoy.
Shin Force note: If you have an "old" Action Replay 4M Plus and want to use it with Vampire Savior, Pocket Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Dungeons & Dragons Collection, Street Fighter Zero 3, and possibly other post-Vampire Savior RAM cart games, then you'll need to perform the above mod, or purchase a newer Action Replay 4M Plus.

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Revised April 16, 1998.  This modification is © 1998 National Console Support.