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Shin Force
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Shin Force ~ Saturn ~
 Super Robot Wars F
Winky Soft
Now (Japan)
1 Player
Backup 90
         > Super Robot Wars,  Banpresto's most famous and best-selling strategy game in Japan, made its appearance on Saturn on 1997. This version, called Super Robot Wars F was a big hit in Japan, due 
    to its great gameplay.  Along with Vampire Savior, Sakura Wars II, Shining Force III and -of course- Grandia, it's one of the year's best games.

         > For those who aren't familiar with the SRW series, think of all japanese Anime Super Robots
    (such as Mazinger Z, Dancougar, Evangelion, Gunbuster and many more...) in a Super Deformed
    mode (big head, small body) fighting in HUGE strategic crossover fights. You go passing chapters
    and earning money, new pilots join your force as well. And if you ask me, I'll say that those Japanese
    programmers have managed to combine all these anime story lines while still making sense.

         > The 2D environments presented in 16 bit ugliness... Honestly, I think this game makes uses 20% of Saturn's graphical power: framerate goes at 2, maybe 3 fps, (ugh!) and the sprites all seem
    like static resin models. The graphic engine hasn't changed from Super Famicom's last installment
    of the saga. Personally, I always knew Banpresto sucked in this aspect, but this time they didn't even try to make the graphics decent for a 32 bit system -- but who minds, if they still sell a lot?  Presentation is as horrible as ever, only loads of text with an ugly background. C'mon guys, this is a Saturn, not a Super NES!!

         > Cut scenes are taken from the original anime series (which is good, despite they look a bit
    dated, with Evangelion and Gunbuster as exceptions) but still, the FMV is ridiculously small sized,
    don't ask me the reason why Banpresto did that thing, because it really escapes me...

         > Easy and intuitive, typical of a strategy game (Shining Force, for example), however, you can do 
    some different things here: as well as attacking, moving and using items, there are some units such
    as Dancougar Team or Conbattler team that can be combined into a more powerful Super Robot.  You
    can also make some units fly, and things like that. Another thing worth a mention is the feature
    added since the 4th Super Robot Wars is the possibility of controlling your units' counters: you can
    pick what to do according to a percentile task that shows the probability of being hit -- you can try
    to avoid the attack or receive it and then fight back.

         > As well as fighting, distribution and organization is the key of this game (this might make
    the game unworthy to non Japanese speakers, since all menus are in Japanese). Before
    every battle you can upgrade your units and weapons, select pilots and different robots, and employ
    new abilities.

         > Music is more than excellent. All the original anime tunes are there, and they rock!! They sound
    clear and fully orchestrated (contrary to the graphics, the game received quite an upgrade in this aspect). There are lots of voices, you'll love every bit of 'em. Character's quotes when attacking sound better than ever, and you'll be pleased to hear again yells like "I can't run away" from Shinji or "Rocket Punch!!" from Koji Kabuto.
         > This is where the game shines (the Japanese know it, that's why they keep up buying it). Needless to say, if you're an anime fan, and not worried about its ugly graphics, you will have tons of fun (although you will miss the story, unless you know Japanese or something). If not, I recommend you give this game a try, it's very long (40 fights in this part, and I would like to say I wanted to play even more) and full of nice details. The game actually continues on Super Robot Wars F Conclusion (again on Saturn), and I will let you know about it soon.
     > Definitely not for everyone, this game comes with enough great features to keep strategy
and anime fans very, very happy. However, if you're looking for a more pleasing or graphically superior game,
then stay away.
Overall: 7.9 | Graphics: 4.5 | Control: 9.0 | Sound: 9.0 | Fun: 9.0
~ Dantares ~