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Shining Force III ~S1~ > Characters
Characters Index | 12.18.2000

Barnard Barnard (Archer) | << Back
He's located in a hidden room on the second floor of the Inn of Balsamo Town.  If Synbios unties him, then Barnard will be available to join Medion in Scenario 2.
Benetram Benetram (King) | << Back
He is the person accused of leading the capture of King Domaric.  Actually, he's traveling with Synbios in an effort to clear his name.
Cybel Cybel (Knight) | << Back
She's a former Knight of General Varlant's force.  She'll automatically join the Force after Battle 8.  Initially, she needs help with experience.
Dantares Dantares (Knight) | << Back
He is first to join the Force, and essential to victory in the game.  As a Centaur, he can wield Lances and Spears.
Domaric Domaric (King) | << Back
He is the King who is kidnapped by the evil Mask Monks and King Benetram's impersonator.  He is also Medion's father.
Eldar Eldar (Birdsoldier) | << Back
She accompanies Zero (her brother) to meet Synbios in the train after Battle 9.  She joins the Force at that point as well.  Put some time into her, as she eventually becomes a great combatant.
Garosh Garosh (Archer) | << Back
He is supposed to be saved by Synbios' Force in Scenario 1, Battle 2.  If Synbios succeeds, then Garosh joins Medion in Scenario 2.
Grace Grace (Priest) | << Back
She is slow to gain experience, but a healer is a necessary hindrance.
Hayward Hayward (Archer) | << Back
He is supposed to be saved by Synbios' Force in Scenario 1, Battle 2.  Eventually, he'll become a long range marksman like no other.
Irene Irene (Monk) | << Back
She needs your help to fight off the Bandits in Battle 6.  If you're successful in saving her life, she'll join the Force.
Julian Julian (Soldier) | << Back
He's a formidable Soldier that plays a big part in Scenarios 1 and 2.  He's the hero you play as in Scenario 3 as well.
Mask Monk Mask Monk (Magician) | << Back
Red cape Mask Monks wield deadly magic.
Mask Monk Mask Monk (Swordsman) | << Back
Blue cape Mask Monks wield a light and deadly sword.
Masqurin Masqurin (Magician) | << Back
She is the first Mage to join the force, and eventually becomes deadly.
Medion Medion (Soldier) | << Back
He is the hero you play as in Scenario 2, and leader of the Imperial Shining Force.
Obright Obright (Warrior)  | << Back
He is a Dwarf that joins Synbios' Force in Balsamo Town.  He's located on top of the house with the crow's nest.
Pen Pen (Penguin) | << Back
If you get a chicken to follow you back to the HQ car on the train, then Pen will join the Force later.  Don't spend too much time on him though, because he's essentially useless.
Priest Priest (Generic Clergy)  | << Back
He is the generic clergy in every church, who can cure/promote/revive your force, and save your game.
Shiraf Shiraf (Bandit Leader) | << Back
He is the leader of the force of Bandits that plague Synbios in Scenario 1.  Take him on in Battle 10.
Synbios Synbios (Soldier) | << Back
He is the hero you play as in Scenario 1, and leader of the Republican Shining Force.
Varlant Varlant (General) | << Back
He is a General in the Republican army.  Since he seems to go crazy, Medion decides to take him on in Battle 8.
Zero Zero (Birdsoldier) | << Back
He accompanies Eldar (his sister) to meet Synbios in the train after Battle 9.  He plays a much bigger part in Scenario 2, as a member of Medion's Force.
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