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. 04.20.2002 - You Are "Kiddie" If...
DISCLAIMER: This is intended to be humorous, not a personal attack on anyone.  Any and all similarities to real people are purely coincidental, and unintentional.

01 - While standing in line on launch day, you notice the store set up a complementary child care center.

02 - All of the sudden, a popular game series spawns stuffed dolls and children's clothing.

03 - The only time you see ads on TV (for your console and its games) is when you surf past the cartoon channel.

04 - A highly anticipated game is promoted in conjunction with Pampers.

05 - You get hand cramps from manipulating the controller.

06 - You fight with your infants for console time.

07 - You wait months, even years between adult-oriented releases.

08 - You'd believe Dr. Suess wrote the story-line of your games.

09 - Your game gets slime; their game gets blood.

10 - You have to crouch down on your knees in stores to look at games, peripherals, etc..

11 - You patiently wait in line for your turn to try the latest demo and notice you're the only adult.

12 - Your state enters a class action suit against the console's manufacturer for addicting children to games.

Hope you got a chuckle or two,
~ Shinobi ~

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