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. 04.27.2002 - You Are "Mass Market" If...
DISCLAIMER: This is intended to be humorous, not a personal attack on anyone.  Any and all similarities to real people are purely coincidental, and unintentional.

01 - You thought Sony invented home consoles and videogames.

02 - The seven console games you own are straight out of EGM's "Best of..." issue(s).

03 - Buying an import game/console seems foreign and ridiculous to you.

04 - Your main criteria for selecting a console are popularity, sales, and being cool.

05 - You believe a console's maximum performance (on paper) will be realized in a game you can buy.

06 - You didn't buy a console on launch day. Instead, you cracked under the peer pressure of being the only loser without one.

07 - It takes titles, licenses, and ad campaigns to hype you for a new release.

08 - You can't imagine how anyone could spend time and money on anything but the #1 selling console.

09 - You can't name your top ten development teams and games they're known for.

10 - You think Sega went out of business at least once every other year.

11 - You find out a game is available for purchase by seeing a magazine ad or TV commercial.

12 - You think Dreamcast is a supped up Nintendo 64.

13 - You spend most of your time watching "Matrix" on PSX2.

14 - You think Nintendo's claim to fame is a line of stuffed dolls at Toys 'R Us.

15 - One of your favorite sources of videogame information is the guy (with a chiseled permanent smile) that sold you a six month subscription to Game Informer.

Hope you got a chuckle or two,
~ Shinobi ~

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