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. 01.16.2007 - You Are "Having Nightnares" If...
DISCLAIMER: This is intended to be humorous, not a personal attack on anyone.  Any and all similarities to real people are purely coincidental, and unintentional.

01 - You thought you were cool on November 17th, 2006, when you bid $2,000.00 on eBay for a Playstation 3 -- and won!

02 - Your girlfriend's Christmas wish was to receive a Wii Nunchuck, because she thought it would help your sex life.

03 - You actually bought a Japanese Playstation 3 in addition to waiting in line for the US model.

04 - Some night you realized that Playstation 3 had one decent exclusive game at launch.

05 - You thought cell processor technology was supposed to grow you a real pair.

06 - You stood in line at Best Buy for 3 days for a PS3, only to find out they moved the line in the last hour.

07 - You realized the mass media stopped drinking the Sony-juice.

08 - You think Nintendo will repeat their online support for GameCube on the Wii.

09 - You paid a shitload of money to acquire ex-Nintendo developer, Rare.

10 - You hope to wake up and it will still be February 2001, and Sega never killed the Dreamcast.

11 - You can only find insert ads for Nintendo's Wii console in children's books.  Coupons for Wii games in diaper packs is the kicker.

12 - You thought Phantasy Star Universe would be mostly perfect compared to PSO.

13 - You spend most of your time watching "Matrix" Blu-ray on Playstation 3.

14 - You hoped Nintendo would be vanquished from the console market.

15 - After all this time, you still inform yourself about games from the guy (with a chiseled permanent smile) that sold you a six month subscription to Game Informer.

Hope you got a chuckle or two,
~ Shinobi ~

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