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Mar 8, 2018 
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Strategy / War
     > World Conqueror X is the latest war strategy simulation game in a long-running series. It's classic hex, turn-based strategy with axis and allies forces to command. Battles take place from WWII historical events to recent fictional events. The player controls ground and sea units, plus missile and aircraft sorties. The object is simple: destroy the enemy, take over their cities, and protect mission assets. The aspect that makes this type of game so intriguing is that the same battle never resolves the same way.
     > The graphics in this genre don't need to be exceptional, and this game fits that bill well. During a battle, the player sees a hex map of the battlefield, complete with terrain scenery and various units (identified by icons). Optional battle animations appear on the bottom corners of the screen -- just a meaningless distraction. The portraits of generals that can be acquired are well done, as are the menus. The best graphical feature would have to be the missile launches and ensuing atomic explosions. Overall, no complaints.
     > Everything controls just the way one would expect. A turn consists of unit creation, movement and battles, plus missile or aircraft sorties. I'm not sure exactly how the game decides when you can recall a move (undo), but it's sometimes available. One of the best control features is the ability to move units into favorable positions first, and then attack. This is great for strategic surrounding and morale affects. I also appreciate the ability to add a general to command a particular unit. Each general has stats on unit type and movement, which can greatly enhance the attack power of the associated unit. 

     > The one gameplay area World Conqueror X falls a little short on is feedback. Units can level up, but there's no experience line or count. Also, I'm not a fan of starting from predetermined force levels throughout the Scenario Mode. The player should be able to transfer units (that have ostensibly leveled up) from one scenario to another. Or how about starting the Conquest Mode with leveled units you've earned? Would've been nice. One last thing that is over-simplified: air sorties cost resources when deploying from a city, and are just the distance attack mode of aircraft carriers. In other words, there are no aircraft units.

     > Music-wise, there's some basic military themed music that I set at a low volume just for atmosphere. There's nothing there that will bother you, and nothing to justify the release of an OST. As for sound effects, they're basic explosions, movements, firing, critical hits, etc. -- and that's just fine. No downside.
     > World Conqueror X has two main modes. 1) Scenario Mode - 40 battles between three time periods: WWII Europe, WWII Pacific, and Cold War. These scenarios have non-upgradeable cities, objectives and turn limits. 2) Conquest Mode - choose from over 20 countries with upgradeable cities in an all out world domination war. I find the Scenario Mode to be much more palettable, as battles are localized and much more manageable. The Conquest Mode involves every country in a worldwide melee that can take several minutes just for the computer to resolve turns; and it can be rather daunting to keep track of all the events across multiple fronts. Of course, one can fast forward the turns, but then the already insuffucient feedback is reduced to nothing at all. 

     > What they should've done for Conquest Mode is allow the player to choose the countries involved (say 2, 3, 4, etc.), and then duke it out to see who will prevail. Perhaps a Campaign Mode would be a great expansion? Also, the ability to heal units is very lacking in both modes. Once you've accessed a city capable of this feat, it takes way too long for damage to be healed -- borderline useless.

     > Anyway, there's also a HQ menu selection that allows the player to hire up to 12 generals (who greatly enhance units), upgrade the base unit abilities, and showcase city upgrades that have been earned. It's fun to replay the Scenario Mode levels that were of particular interest, or perhaps to score a three star perfect victory. I do enjoy strategic war games, and this one delivers a good helping.

Bottom Line
     > There are not many strategy war games for consoles to choose from these days. I do enjoy this genre quite a bit, and bought World Conqueror X on sight. This game brings back fond memories of Third World War (Sega CD) and Iron Storm (Sega Saturn). Not as good as the aforementioned games, but surely enough to keep you satisfied. For a mere $9.99, I can recommend this game to like-minded gamers out there. If you don't fancy a strategy war game with a boardgame-like experience, then move along...
Overall: 7.8 | Graphics: 7.5 | Control: 8.0 | Sound: 7.5 | Fun: 8.0
~ Shinobi ~

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