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Technical Specifications
Accessories included:
Xbox game pad
AV Multi Cable
AC Power Cord

5 1/8" x 7 5/8" (width x height)

2.4 kg (5 lbs. 5 oz.)

2-5x DVD
8 GB hard disk (some have 10 GB, but only 8 GB is utilized)
8 MB memory card

Controller port (2)
Memory Card slot (2)
AV Multi Out connector (1)
USB connector (2)
i.Link(TM) (IEEE1394) connector 


  • An internal hard drive, for massive storage of game information -- a first in the console gaming industry.
  • An Intel 733MHz processor, the most powerful CPU of any console.
  • An NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU), delivering more than three times the graphics performance of other consoles.
  • An Ethernet port for rich, fast-action online gaming via a broadband connection.
  • A multisignal audio-video connector that allows for easy hookup to televisions and home theater systems.
  • A front-loading DVD tray.
  • Four game controller ports that allow easy multiplayer gaming and enable other peripherals, ranging from game pads to voice-activated headsets.
  • Microsoft Xbox - USA

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