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Over G Fighters / Over G: Energy Airforce Review
Taito (Japan)
Ubisoft (USA)
1x DVD
Import / Domestic
Mar. 30, 2006 (Japan)
Jun. 27, 2006 (USA)
1st / 3rd Person
Flight / Simulation
1 Offline
2-8 Live
216KB save
HDTV 480p/720p/1080i
Xbox Live
DD 5.1
T - Teen
     > Over G Fighters is the second flight/sim game for Xbox 360, and was localized from the Japanese version, titled Over G: Energy Airforce.  Apparently, there's at least 2 prequels to this game on the PS2, both of which go under the Energy Airforce banner (at least in Japan).  I had high hopes for this game, as Ubisoft's first attempt on the 360, Blazing Angels, had some serious gameplay problems.  There hasn't been a decent flight game on a Microsoft console since the likes of Crimson Skies on Xbox.

     > It's the 21st century, and the planet is on the verge of becoming one world order.  Of course, there's militant groups that oppose this world state.  You are in the Energy Airforce, whose task it is to bring about the unification of all mankind and create a true world federation that is without conflict or war.

     > For the most part, Over G Fighters has nice graphics, finely detailed aircraft models, and an average sense of speed.  The various cloud layers are some of the most realistic I've seen in a flight game.  The views are basically cockpit, 3rd person with aircraft and 3rd person without aircraft.  You can also pan around within a fixed viewing angle (which means you can't actually look backwards in any view).  The replay mode has very limited views and no rewind button!  So I guess this game could have used more views and a better replay system.
     > Here's the part where most flight games muck it up.  Although not perfect, Over G Fighters has some pretty good gameplay.  Take-offs and landings are in some of the missions, but are not selectable in each mission.  There is an option to bypass taxiing and go straight to the end of the runway (nice).  Many of the aircraft control realistically enough, but the consistency isn't there. 

     > The thing I find too arcade-like is how each aircraft seems to have capabilities dependent upon when you're able to unlock them, and not necessarily realistic to its real-life counterpart.  So that means some aircraft are nerfed, some are realistic and some are juiced.  For instance, the F-14A Tomcat can be loaded with AIM-54 Phoenix missiles, which have an effective range of 75+ nautical miles; except in this game, they have an effective range of about 15 nautical miles -- and that doesn't even go into how the F-14A controls like a slug with a "Slowski" afterburner.  I prefer all around realistic capabilities for the aircraft and their weapons, instead of seemingly achievement-based characteristics.

     > The other thing that really burns me up is how your radar, and that of the AWACS, is very hit or miss on identifying/displaying targets.  You can go right bye some targets and not even know it unless you happen to physically see them, or they start firing missiles at you.  I call this the cloaking effect, and it's not just with stealth aircraft (which I can understand those cloaking).  Also, when you have a target locked, your HUD doesn't always have a pointer to show which direction to turn for interception.  Hmmm... there's always another game down the pike.

     > Over G Fighters has decent sound effects that get the job done, especially in the environmental department.  Some may say, "who listens to metal anymore?"  Well I say, who wants to here cRAP?  What music this game has is Top Gun-esque, which is fine with me.
     > Over G Fighters starts you off in a F-14A Tomcat, with plenty of new aircraft to unlock by finishing certain missions or beating Big Bosses.  Some of the other planes are: F-16, F-18, MiG-29, Su-27, F-22, F-117 and F-15.  Offline, there's plenty to do in Scenario (campaign), Arena (dogfight), Strike (mission creator) and Big Boss (dogfight bosses) Modes.  Online, you can select Arena (dogfight to kill opposing team's base) and Versus (team dogfight) Modes.  Ok, where's the cooperative Scenario Mode either on or offline? 

     > At any rate, if you don't like dogfighting with unrealistic radar range capabilities (surely added to make battles closer in proximity -- but still not close enough for people who want to visually identify each target), then don't bother going online.  Over G Fighters does have a really neat feature though: every time you go on a mission, you might actually increase your pilot's stats in areas like hit, evasion, sight distance, etc..

Bottom Line
     > Over G Fighters is a good attempt at mixing arcade with simulation in a flight game.  It has plenty of aircraft to unlock, multiple modes of gameplay, and realistic enough control to warrant an investment of time.  Unfortunately, flight fans will still be waiting for that exceptional flight/sim to arrive.
Overall: 7.6 | Graphics: 8.5 | Control: 7.5 | Sound: 7.5 | Fun: 7.0
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