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Message started by Shinobi on Jul 9th, 2014, 3:30am

Title: Bound by Flame
Post by Shinobi on Jul 9th, 2014, 3:30am


Bound by Flame is a one player, third person action/RPG that is pretty straight forward. You progress through the game while gaining fire spells/powers from a demon. You'll pick up companions along the way to assist your quests.

The graphics are run of the mill for 360, but they do get the job done. Your fire magic is pretty plain, and reminds me of computer games. Most of the enemies look like corpses, frozen orcs or tentacle bitches.

Overall, the gameplay is decent enough. On offense you can use heavy swords, daggers, crossbows and fire magic. Skills can be upgraded as you level up. Blocking and counter-attacking are in the mix too (and somewhat optional). I recommend locking on to your target because the view has no clue what to do without your help. No inverted Y-Axis (bummer).

The main quest is never a mystery (thank you), and the side quests are easy to access as well. It should take around 30 hours to complete, which makes for a decent value. The last battle is much harder than the rest of the game (stupid). At any rate, it's worth a shot for RPG-starved players.



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