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PSU Weapon Rewards (Read 3324 times)
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PSU Weapon Rewards
Nov 12th, 2011, 7:11pm
This past Friday morning, PSU players that participated in the last event received 3 Tickets to exchange for 45-50%, element of choice, account locked weapons: 9* Soul Eater (Sword), 13* Rocket Punchers (Knuckles) and 8* Twin Diska (Twin Dagger). Each weapon has the potential to be uber-powerful when upgraded to +10. It just so happens a 15% grind boost began on Friday, and here are my results for these weaps:

9* SOUL EATER +10/10
Dark: 45%
PP: 438
Att: 1250
Acc: 335
ATP req: 805
[Uses HP to enhance power]

Ground: 50%
PP: 295
Att: 642
Acc: 456
ATP req: 750
[burns targets]

8* TWIN DISKA +8/8
Dark: 50%
PP: 435
Att: 306
Acc: 230
ATP req: 618
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