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Wake Up Sega! (Read 1596 times)
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Wake Up Sega!
Feb 16th, 2015, 6:32pm
What in the world are you waiting for? Another chance to release an exclusive game for 3DS? Get real! Sega needs to localize Phantasy Star Online 2 for America now.

Port it to Xbox One, PS4 and Windows -- even Wii U and 3DS (if you must). Sell the game for $49.99 and give people a 1 month free trial subscription. Charge $12/mo afterwards or $99.99/year (up front). Sell at least 1 expansion per year for $19.99. Simple.

Also, make sure you can earn Photons (to buy weapons/ items/ upgrades) by simply playing. If you must play the in-app purchase game, then sell Photon packages for people that are impatient or don't have as much time.
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