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The State of Videogames (Read 1317 times)
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The State of Videogames
Jul 22nd, 2015, 2:15pm

It seems like developers and publishes are convinced the future of gaming lies in endless add-on purchases. You want a horse in an RPG, pay more. You want the newest Corvette in a racing game, pay more. You want better equipment in a golf game, pay more. The list goes on.

Much like computer programs in general, many games are sold with bugs and specifically designed as a form of subscription. And once the server is shut down, the game is obsolete. This is crap.

As a matter of principal, I usually shy away from add-on purchases. I want to buy a game that is stand alone complete and is playable online or offline. I don't mind paying for a major DLC once every so often, but it better be substantial. I don't mind paying a subscription for a MMORPG either, just don't nickel and dime me.

If you agree then take a stand. Share this message and don't pay for endless add-ons.
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