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Sega Dreamcast 2? (Read 1066 times)
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Sega Dreamcast 2?
Dec 27th, 2015, 2:21pm
The Internet has been buzzing with articles about Sega making a "Dreamcast 2", complete with mockup systems and accessories. Naturally, most Sega Fans would be all for such an occurrence. From what I've seen, this is much about petitions and supposed former Sega employees in favor of Sega's return to the console market. In other words, almost a zero probability of coming true.

Let's face the facts. Sega won't even port Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Southeast Asia! Their American focus is on Nintendo 3DS and mobile apps (barf). So what are they supposed to do, release a console exclusively for Japan? Highly unlikely.

I'm not going to say never to the notion of a Sega Dreamcast 2. Actually, they could call it whatever they want. In my eyes, the most likely way this would become a reality is if and when Sega was bought by a larger company. For instance, if Microsoft bought Sega they could task them with producing new gaming hardware and software.

Is all this wishful thinking? Probably. But at least it's way more likely than the almost zero chance of Sega going it alone.
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