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Forza Horizon 3 :: Review
Microsoft Studios
Turn 10 Studios
1x BD
09.27.2016 (USA)
1st/3rd Person
Racing / Realistic
2-12 (XBL)
Content DL
Force feedback
Xbox Live
E - Everyone
     > The Forza franchise has really matured into the go-to series for racing fans of all types. Whereas Need For Speed used to be my favorite series, lately EA has come up somewhat short. NFS games of old really provided some exhilirating police chases though. Thankfully, Forza Horizon 3 steps in right where Forza Horizon 2 left off. That's fine by me because I'm a fan of not messing with success.

     > This game takes place in various locations of Australia. The player can customize everything, including which festival to upgrade, friends to hire and fire as "drivatars", and well over 350 cars. The real beauty lies in the graphics and physics. Wonderful.

     > What should I say beyond, smooth, beautiful, fast, dynamic, colorful and detailed!? Just look at the screenshots and know any gamer would love the visuals. Forza Horizon 3 delivers the goods. The developer even managed to include sunrise and sunset situations that don't excessively blind the player. Leaving aside the obvious lack of control, even driving in the rain is a positive visual experience. The one thing I would add to improve this category is the ability to decide weather conditions.
     > Spot on - tight and predictable as always (in Forza Horizon games). The player decides where to go, how to get there and which (customized) vehicle to race with. The rewind feature is welcomed back with open arms, as it alleviates a lot of the potential frustration involved in solo play. There are a ton of perks to unlock via skillful driving which generally provides additional credits and experience. A point of weakness for me: either I'm not that good at drifting, or this game could use some tweaking in that area. One feature I would add is the ability to pass time as done in Test Drive Unlimited, so that one can wait out the rain and/or dead of night (if so desired).
     > Forza Horizon 3 offers a wide variety of virtual radio stations to unlock and listen to. None of them are particularly great, but surely there's something for everyone. My favorite station is "Epitaph", which is the resident metal channel. I don't recognize much of what's on this station, except for maybe some tunes that are reminiscent of Crazy Taxi's frenetic soundtrack.

     > The sound effects are well done and certainly not annoying. It's always a joy to hear the whining torque of a Ferrari V12 and the grumbling power of a Corvette V8. Everything is realistic from the skidding tires to the bending sign posts and cracking trees.

     > The player can decide on difficulty, where to go, who to race, what parameters the race will have and so much more. Did I mention there are seemingly limitless options for upgrading and tuning a vehicle? Yup! Each car has a standard class like "A", all of which can be upgraded higher to say "S1" or "S2" by adding better components and parts. Let's not forget the gamer can completely customize a car's paint, decals, rims, etc. Creations can be shared and downloaded as well. If that's not enough, then go into the tuning menus and tweak any car's performance to the max! New showcase events include jet, train, and power boat races of epic proportions! The one area I don't particularly care for is the "bucket list" events - but even those can be customized now.
Bottom Line
     > Forza Horizon 3 is the epitome of a quality racing game that is accessible to all gamers. It features various landscapes from seaside streets to dirt backroads to obstacle-rich off-road areas. A plethora of vehicle types that span more than 40 years are ready to be earned/collected. This game could easily be a straight 10 with minor enhancements and a radio station that plays the metal bands I grew up with. Anyway if you like driving at all, this is the game you need.
Overall: 9.3 | Graphics: 9.5 | Control: 9.5 | Sound: 8.5 | Fun: 9.5
~ Shinobi ~

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