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Phantasy Star Series Phantasy Star Online (Original Soundtrack)
Label Publisher Code
Polydor SEGA UPCH-1049
Discs Time Bar Code
1 CD-Extra 52:06 4-988005-262783
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 01.24.2001 ¥3,059
Phantasy Star Online (Original Soundtrack) is an album featuring music from Sega's exceptional Action/MMORPG. It was exclusively released in Japan back in 2001, and contains 1 CD-Extra with a total of 21 tracks (plus 2 bonus tracks). It doesn't have every song from the game, so you may want to look into Phantasy Star Online: Songs of RAGOL Odyssey.
Review by Shinobi | 07.02.2001
     > Another reason why Sega games always seem to fare well over time is the incidence of awesome soundtracks.  Sonic Team knew Phantasy Star Online would have to be a revolutionary experience from start to finish.  The orchestral soundtrack in the game is an integral contributor to that end...

     > As soon as you hear the "PSO Opening Theme", the original RPG's classic melody can be discerned.  It just gets better from there.  Experience a wonderful mixture of orchestral delights with a futuristic flare.  I know some of you will cringe, but even after hundreds of gaming hours, I'm still not even close to being sick of this tremendously soothing and uplifting soundtrack.

     > There's a big bonus too.  To begin with, included are the lyric versions of the "PSO Opening Theme" and "Can Still See the Light" (ending theme)!  Not enough?  How about wind orchestra versions of both the opening and ending themes!  Awesome!!!  Finally, this is a CD-Extra, which contains PC accessible goodies like wave files and bitmaps!

Bottom Line:
     > The PSO ost is another quality (Sega) product from start to finish -- just like the game!  If you can still find this disc, then buy it.  I'm positive you'll treasure the music and extras as much as I do...

Overall: 10

Track List (CD1) | 52:06
  1. Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The Whole New World~ (Lyric Version)
  2. A Song For Eternal Story
  3. Pioneer 2
  4. Codes of Silence
  5. Mother Earth of Dishonesty (Part 1)
  6. Mother Earth of Dishonesty (Part 2)
  7. Growl, From the Depths of the Earth
  8. After the Story 1
  9. The Kink in the Wind and the Way (Part 1)
  10. The Kink in the Wind and the Way (Part 2)
  11. From Seeing the Rough Wave
  12. Empty Space Out of Control (Part 1)
  13. Empty Space Out of Control (Part 2)
  14. The Crazy Program
  15. You Have Nowhere To Go
  16. After the Story 2
  17. Revolution to the Origin (Part 1)
  18. Revolution to the Origin (Part 2)
  19. Pray, for "IDOLA" the Distorted
  20. Cry, for "IDOLA" the Holy
  21. Can Still See the Light ~PSO Ending Theme~ (Lyric Version)
  22. Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The Whole New World~ (Wind Orchestra Version - Bonus)
  23. Can Still See the Light ~PSO Ending Theme~ (Wind Orchestra Version - Bonus)
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