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Phantasy Star Series Phantasy Star Online: Songs of RAGOL Odyssey ~Soundtrack Episode 1&2~
Label Publisher Code
Scitron Digital SEGA SCDC-00215 216
Discs Time Bar Code
2 CD 69:04 | 69:52 4-949168-102132
Origin Release MSRP
Japan 09.19.2002 ¥3,360
Phantasy Star Online: Songs of RAGOL Odyssey is an album featuring music from Sega's exceptional Action/MMORPG. It was exclusively released in Japan back in 2002, and contains 2 CD's with a total of 35 tracks. This album together with Phantasy Star Online (OST) completes the library of songs available in both Episodes 1 and 2 of Phantasy Star Online. The only exception to that is a few songs in Quests and Events which come from other Sega games.
Review by Shinobi | 11.07.2002
     > The Phantasy Star Online (OST) set new standards in quality, much like the corresponding Sonic Team game.  Unfortunately, Sega never released an official PSOv.2 soundtrack, even though the semi-sequel contained enough new music to warrant one.  With the release of Phantasy Star Online: Episode I&II, Sega graced fans with another official soundtrack, titled "Phantasy Star Online: Songs of Ragol Odyssey" (PSOSORO).  Thankfully, it's a two disc set, complete with the original, missing PSOv.2 tracks and (of course) all the new music.

     > Disc one has the missing PSOv.2 tracks, as well as some new material.  I'd say the new music on this disc compares favorably with the first soundtrack.  Disc two is all Episode II.  Even though it was a seemingly impossible task, Sega managed to create a new soundtrack (for Episode II) that comes as close as one could imagine (or expect) to maintaining the magic of the original soundtrack.  No, the second Episode's music is not as good as the first, but it comes close enough to delight and satisfy me. 

     > I would say PSOSORO's music just doesn't have quite the same fantasy, sci-fi feel of the original PSO.  Even so, the new music ranges from excellent to good on its own merit.  If you have both OST's, then the only music you'd be without is the supplemental Sonic Team music from games like Burning Rangers (Saturn) and Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).  Those soundtracks are available as well (good luck finding them though).

Bottom Line:
     > If you enjoy videogame music, then PSOSORO is a must buy.  The new songs don't surpass the original game's, but no one expected that.  Together with the first PSO (OST), you will have a timeless collection of exceptional music.

Overall: 9.5

Track List (CD1) | 69:04
  1. Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The Whole New World~ (Lala Version)
  2. Prenotion
  3. Image of Hero
  4. Crossing 3084
  5. Healing
  6. Chaotic Bar
  7. Day Dawns
  8. Valentine
  9. Easter
  10. Day Light
  11. Weird Night
  12. Versus 1 ~Tricktrack~
  13. Versus 2 ~A Longing to Ancient Times~
  14. The Nearest Place to Heaven (Part 1)
  15. The Nearest Place to Heaven (Part 2)
  16. Can Still See the Light ~PSO Ending Theme~ (Lala Version)
  17. Can Still See the Light ~PSO Ending Theme~ (Piano Version)
  18. Leavin Flow
  19. Rose Confession
Track List (CD2) | 69:52
  1. The Whole New World ~Phantasy Star Online Episode 2 Opening Theme~
  2. Silent Palace
  3. A Longing to Ancient Times (Part 1)
  4. A Longing to Ancient Times (Part 2)
  5. Revive the Secred of Rough Wave
  6. Tricktrack (Part 1)
  7. Tricktrack (Part 2)
  8. Growl, From the Digital Haze
  9. Jungle ~A Lush Load~
  10. Jungle ~A Forest Cage~
  11. The Frenzy Wilds
  12. Abysmal Ball ~Intermission~
  13. Abysmal Ball ~Banquet~
  14. "IDOLA" Have the Immortal Feather
  15. "IDOLA" Have the Divine Blade
  16. World With Me ~Phantasy Star Online Episode 2 Ending Theme~
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